Subject: MacJikes Java Compiler v1.0

I would like to announce the availability of MacJikes. MacJikes is
based on software developed by IBM Corp. as part of the IBM Research
Jikes Compiler Project, MacJikes
v1.0 contains parts of Jikes Version 0.41 (01 Dec 98).

MacJikes’s core is a Java compiler that conforms strictly to the Java
language specification. “javac” is written in java itself, so its
speed is dependant on the speed of your Java virtual machine, as well
as your hardware. MacJikes is completely written in C++, so by being
compiled natively for PowerPC and 68k, the compiler runs multiple
times faster than “javac”!

The current MacJikes standalone application currently has only a
command line interface. A GUI is on the way. This release is a
working proof of concept and is being made available so you can
experience it under MacOS.

View the MacJikes homepage at: or go ahead and
download it directly from:
Available versions:
MPW Tool for 68k
MPW Tool for PowerPC
Standalone application for 68k
Standalone application for PowerPC
Command line builder applet

For further information, read the Frequently Asked Questions at:

Steven Bytnar (