SugarSync — makers of the SugarSync file sync, online backup and file sharing service — has more than doubled its free service offering, and unveiled a new, free 5 GB plan. The upgraded plan allows consumers to manage their data, anytime, anywhere, and now from any device.

Consumers can backup and access all of their most important files from any device they choose, regardless of their operating system or handset preference, says SugarSync CEO Laura Yecies. Prior to this 5GB plan being initiated, SugarSync offered a free 2GB account.

Over the next day, existing SugarSync users on the 2GB service will be upgraded to a 5 GB account (no action is required by users). Statistics show people’s storage needs double every two years so this larger plan is better suited for today’s mobile consumer, says Yecies.

Those interested in setting up their own Personal Cloud service can get started with a free account by visiting For persons with greater file storage needs, SugarSync offers a free 30-day trial for plans starting at 30GB for US$4.99/month. Those who refer their family, friends and colleagues to sign up for a free, 5GB SugarSync account will be rewarded with 500MB for each referral, or receive 10GB of additional storage for every paid subscriber via the company’s “Double Bonus” referral program.