For immediate release:

Version 2.0 of ObjectPlant is finally released!

The Object Plant is a shareware program for Object Oriented Analysis and
Design. It supports the OMT and UML notations and its main features are:

+ Object Model Diagrams
+ Event Trace Diagrams
+ State Diagrams
+ Use Case Diagrams
+ Exporting diagrams in either PICT or EPS format
+ C++ and Java code generation
+ Only 25 USD for a single user license
+ For 10 USD extra you also get a Java and C++ parser
to reverse engineer code

System 7.1 or higher
68020 or better

Info, bug-reports, updates etc can be found at

Some of the new features in version 2.0:

+ Added C++ and Java reverse engineering. Handles version
1.1 of Java but ignores inner classes. (10 USD extra)
+ Made it possible to change the heirarchy of packages.
+ Extended Use Case diagrams. Now you can add extension
points to a use case.
+ Added support for Navigation Services (PowerPC only).

Best Regards,

Mikael Arctaedius
Stockholm, Sweden