August 17th, 1998 2.00 pm European Central Time

Today, Graham Cox, a private individual, announces the latest upgrade to
his free C++ Application framework for Macintosh, MacZoop.

Version 1.8.5 fixes a number of minor bugs in the framework, and
introduces a couple of new features. The URL for the main MacZoop
website is:

There are also some additional mirror sites that you can link to from
the main site to speed up downloads.


MacZoop is a 100% free C++ framework for developing Macintosh
applications. It is designed to be easy for beginners to learn, but has
sufficient power to be useful for small to medium-sized projects.
MacZoop is supplied as a complete source-code SDK, so it is also a
valuable source of example code. Full technical support via eMail is
available. MacZoop is designed to be used in conjunction with the
CodeWarrior development system- an MPW compatible version is currently
under development.


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