Only 16 days left in QuickTime 3 Programmer’s Challenge
by MacCentral Staff,

Developers, better get busy. There’s only 16 days left in the “QuickTime 3
Programmer’s Challenge.”

The “QuickTime 3 Programmer’s Challenge” encourages developers to use the
QuickTime APIs to develop exciting new products. There are prizes and free
publicity. See for
details, submission procedures and rules. The deadline is Aug. 21. Contest
winners will be announced in mid-September.

All entries must be new, original works. Updates to previously released
products are ineligible. Ports to/from other platforms, using QuickTime,
are acceptable. This contest is not limited to applications on the Mac OS.
Organizations with over 50 employees are ineligible, with the exception of
educational institutions. Employees of software development firms such as
Adobe and Apple are eligible if they enter as individuals and have the
permission of their employers.

Robert Van Gool
Niehaus Ryan Wong,Inc.
NRW Interactive
650 827 7058