Bulk Emailer v1.0 – August 2, 1998

This allows you to send bulk emails with Tango. We developed it to easily
send messages to groups of registered users on our websites. For instance,
we track user’s browsers when they login (along with a bunch of other
stuff) to help us determine when we can safely employ the next generation
of web technology (eg, JavaScript, DHTML, Java, etc.). With Bulk Emailer,
we can now easily send emails to those users using old browsers, suggesting
that they upgrade to take advantage of the latest website features, etc.

We also use Bulk Emailer to automatically send articles/what’s new info to
registered, interested users. Calling this TAF brings up an email server
test form which first ensures you can send emails and second tests the
maximum number of emails your server can accept at one time. It is also a
good example of better web application coding – it has things such as an
“all-in-one validation message” that saves the user’s previous values,
lists the invalid fields at the top of the form, and highlights the missing
fields’ labels in red so the user can easily see what’s wrong. It’s pretty
well commented; hope you find it useful!


Chris Ogden
InfoMatters, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC USA
Dynamic Website Design, Creation, Implementation,
Promotion, Maintenance, and Software