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August 3, 1998. Cupertino, CA. ACI US, publishers of the award winning 4th
Dimension RAD/RDBMS suite, announced that effective today it has
restructured its Partners Program better to meet the needs of both in-house
corporate developers and independent developers.The program now offers
three membership options: Corporate, Solutions and Introductory/Trial.

Differentiating in-house corporate developers and independent developers
allows ACI US to identify the common and special needs of these diverse
developers. All developers share needs for technical support, readily
accessible product information, and the opportunity to increase their
technical skills through interaction with other developers. The revised
program allows independent developers to grow their businesses by taking
advantage of ACI’s many co-marketing opportunities. The most exciting new
co-marketing opportunity is 25 MB of space on ACI US’ web site for each
partner. The ACI US web site is a powerful funnel for customers to find

“ACI US believes that the key to success is making it easy for the public
to learn about the remarkable solutions created by developers using 4D. The
program also provides valuable resources to in-house corporate developers.
The restructuring of the ACI US Partners Program is just the beginning. We
are committed to continuous improvement of the program as we work in closer
alliance with the 4D developer community,” states Doris Beaulieu, Manager
of Partner & Customer Services.

About ACI US
ACI US, Inc. was founded in 1987 as the US publisher of 4th Dimension and
the 4D product line which has set the relational database standard for over
ten years. In 1995, ACI extended 4th Dimension technology to the Windows

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