Posted by Greg Mills

Normally, when you read the term “Apple Hacked” Steve Jobs has his undies in a twist over something, someone’s head is going to roll and Apple’s attorneys are preparing to sue someone. This time, it appears there has been criminal access to iTunes accounts by a hacker or group of hackers.

While Apple to my knowledge hasn’t confirmed the breech, blogs with numerous users complaining that iTunes Gift Cards accounts have been stolen have popped up over the weekend. While reports of user names and passwords being posted on line have been published, other sites state that only encrypted information has leaked.

Normally, companies that have security breeches don’t say much, Apple is even more unlikely to acknowledge security issues in its servers. Keep in mind, we are just days away from Lion being launched and the iCloud form of computer information management being pushed.

Security at Apple is so much better than most computer systems, the vulnerability of even Apple getting hacked is big news and you can expect to hear more over the next few days. Even the CIA has been hacked.

The US Congress, when they aren’t screaming at each other over spending cuts, passed a law recently to expand the maximum sentence for hacking certain government computer networks to 20 years. I think that should apply to all secure computer systems. Hackers are like the pirates of the last century. The only way to stop them is to hang them from the nearest tree, until they stop twitching.