Extensis has updated Universal Type Server
(http:///www.extensis.com/typeserver) to version
2.1. It adds compatibility for Mac OS X 10.6
(“Snow Leopard”) and Windows 7.

The update also includes:

° Deeper font compliance management: the
administrator can see who added which font to
which workgroup and reverse those actions;

° Active Directory flexibility: the administrator
can now exclude individual users from
distribution group mappings;

° Enhanced user management that allows easier
batch application of settings and refined
filtering of users;

° A simplified network password using optional LDAP bind authentication;;

° Font integrity screening enhancements;

° A new command line scripting tool for automation and integration;

° A new optional MySQL external database module
(chargeable add-on component for Universal Type
Server Professional only);

° Enhanced Directory Integration, now standard
with Universal Type Server Professional;

° Improved overall performance including
synchronization and working with font sets.

Extensis server-based font management users with
a current annual service agreement will receive
this maintenance update at no cost. Other
Extensis font management customers may be
eligible for upgrade pricing. English, French,
and German versions of Universal Type Server 2
(version 2.1) are now available for download from
the Extensis web site.