Darwin 3.26 today announced the release of RoadMap, a complete guide to
authoring commercial software solutions in FileMaker Pro.

What is RoadMap?

RoadMap is a Software Developer’s Toolkit which demystifies the techniques,
processes and assets necessary to author successful commercial software
solutions in FileMaker Pro. RoadMap also includes a collection of button
icons designed by the award winning designer Gedeon Maheux of The

RoadMap provides tips, techniques and assets from the very developers who
have released and sold business/consumer solutions using FileMaker Pro, the
FMP Solutions Development Kit (SDK), and the recently released Developer’s
Edition (DE).

Who is RoadMap for?

RoadMap is for anyone who ever had a great idea for a software solution,
authors solutions with FileMaker Pro, or wants to start making money in the
booming Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) market.

RoadMap is US$59 and is available from the Darwin 3.26 Web site:



* Tips & Techniques from the Pros
* 85 Button Icons Specific to FileMaker Pro
* 68 Navigation Button Icons using the FMP Palette
* 58 Useful & Fun Icons
* Proven Effective Interface Techniques
* Directory of ESD Distributors
* Security, Animation, & Graphing Techniques
* Much, much more!