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Visual MacStandardBasic $ 29.95 special offer extended through August 31st.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, June 1st, 1998 : ZCurve Software has announced that it
has extended its special offer of $29.95 for Visual MacStandardBasic
through August 31st, 1998. Visual MacStandardBasic normally has a retail
price of $ 99.

Professional Macintosh applications can be visually created in minutes.
Visual MacStandardBasic uses and extends BASIC’s easy to learn format to
utilize the power of the Macintosh. It is easy for users to integrate
sound, speech, color graphics, sprite animation, movies into their

Users can purchase and download the complete Visual MacStandardBasic
package from the ZCurve Software web site (
Currently, Macintosh users anywhere in the world can get Visual
MacStandardBasic within minutes over the Internet.

Visual MacStandardBasic is also available from DevDepot
( DevDepot is a leader in providing
software products to Macintosh users around the world.

Visual MacStandardBasic is optimized for both Apple’s newer Power Macintosh
computers and older Macintosh models.

For more information about Visual MacStandardBasic visit the ZCurve
Software web site at EMail: