Capilano Computing announces that it is CUTTING IN HALF the price of its
popular DesignWorks circuit design package for the Macintosh and Power
Macintosh. Following the success of the price change in the Windows version
last fall, DesignWorks/Mac will now be only US$495, PLUS you can save an
additional $50 by taking delivery over the ‘net with no printed manual.

DesignWorks version 4 provides full professional schematic drawing
capabilities for electronics professionals with large symbol libraries,
custom report and netlist generation, hierarchical design, and our famous
ease of use.

The interactive digital simulator option is also available, but its price
is unchanged at $495.

Get full details at or call us
at 1-800-444-9064.

Neil MacKenzie
Capilano Computing Systems – Schematic Capture Specialists
Tel: (604)522-6200 or (800)444-9064
Fax: (604)522-3972
email: neil@capilano Computing