Web Crossing is the leading software package for Web-based discussions,
running at places such as Apple, Excite, the New York Times, CNN, c|net,
Salon Internet, and CitiCorp.

Web Crossing provides an integrated server-side solution for building
Internet communities, managing corporate communications, or helping
workgroups be more productive.

Web Crossing is developed on the Mac first, and then ported to most
platforms. Versions are available for MacOS, Windows 95, NT, Solaris,
Linux, FreeBSD, and most other Unix platforms.

— 3.0 Features —
* Web-based discussions, as if on a bulletin board
* Chat rooms for real-time discussions
* Newsgroups
* E-mail list mirroring
* Document enclosures, upload through Web browser, newsreader,
or e-mail, and download through Web or newsreader
* Member directory services
* High-performance indexed search engine
* Access control and user groups
* Direct Web service or use your existing Web server
* Server-side scripting for complete customization and
server-side application development
* Highly scalable to millions of page-views per day
* Easy installation and management through Web-based forms
* Web Crossing/Workgroup prices start at $395

For more information, please see our site at (http://webcrossing.com/).