LANrev LP ( has updated LANrev, the systems
lifecycle management suite for Mac OS X and Windows, has been updated
to version 5.12. The upgrade adds Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”)
compatibility. It also also tracks Mac OS X 10.6 for asset inventory,
and remotely manages the new operating system to save time from
having to visit each machine.

LANrev’s OS deployment shortens the time to upgrade multiple machines
to Snow Leopard and minimizes end-user interruption during the
migration process, according ot Martin Bestmann, founder and chief
technical officer of LANrev. It automates the OS deployment to
liberate the IT staff from the labor-intensive process. LANrev’s
imaging process occurs in the background and saves the end-users’
home directory files and OS settings, avoiding extended end-user
downtime with normal OS upgrades, Bestmann adds.

LANrev 5.2 is available for a free evaluation. For pricing info
contact LANrev LP.