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Vienna, 18 February 1998. AAA+ Software announces release 1.08 of Joy
Explorer and Joy Developer, the company’s developer productivity and rapid
application development tools. Joy applications run on Windows 95/NT, Apple
Rhapsody, and OPENSTEP/MachOS. No porting or compiling is required.

Release 1.08 offers enhancements, recently presented at MacWorld San
Francisco, including:

– Joy graphical application inspector integrated into
Joy command window
– Joy Developer’s “Save Nib as App” now creates stand-alone
applications for use on any deployment platform
– Linking Joy into non-Joy applications made easier

Joy Explorer is the ideal tool for exploring the Yellow Box frameworks.
Developers can create small utilities by using just Rhapsody’s Joy-enhanced
Interface Builder application. No other development tools are required.
These utilities will run in Interface Builder’s Test Interface mode.

Joy Developer provides full functionality for developing sophisticated
applications. There is no need to re-compile, re-link and re-establish test
scenarios to explore new ideas. Using the “Save Nib as App” feature, users
can turn graphical user interfaces created in Interface Builder into
standalone applications that run on any OPENSTEP or Yellow Box platform.

Joy Explorer and Joy Developer are available for the following platforms:

– Rhapsody/PPC
– Rhapsody/Intel
– Windows NT/95 (Yellow Box, OPENSTEP Enterprise, WebObjects)

Further information on Joy can be found at . A
fully functional demonstration version is available for free download at .

License keys for Joy Explorer and Joy Developer are $69 and $399
respectively. Upgrade license keys from Joy Explorer to Joy Developer are
$339. Existing registered users can upgrade for free.

Joy 1.0 was a finalist in Editors Choice Awards sponsored by MacTech and
Macworld magazines in the category ‘Best Tool for New Technologies’.

For further information please contact:

AAA+ Software
Fax: +43-1-533-68-90