Active Concepts is pleased to release the next version of Funnel Web
version 1.6. This version adds many enhancements and fixes over version
1.5. This version is available immediately to all registered users of
Funnel Web. Users can download the updater directly from our web site at:

Major new features of this version include:

* Full asynchronous DNS lookups with greater than 20 fold speed improvement
* Inclusion and Exclusion filtering on both URL and Client
* Search Keyword Reporting
* Top Entry Page reports
* Additional Log file Support for Rumpus FTP server
* Improved Memory management for logs over 80MB

as well as a number of bug fixes as detailed on the web site and in the
readme file.

We are now moving into development version for version 2.0 which will
support full eMail notification, archiving and FTP uploads and downloads as
well as some impressive new reports.