New native Absoft F90 and F77 for Linux

Absoft Corporation today announced immediate availability of two new
commercial Fortran toolsets for Linux:
– Pro Fortran – F90/F77/Fx suite, suggested retail $899 (USA)
– F77 SDK v4.4 – F77/Fx, suggested retail $699 (USA)

Absoft F90 is full ANSI/ISO native implementation. Utilizes extended
version of Cray CF90 front-end. F77 supports most workstation extensions.
Both compilers are fully link compatible. New features include faster
compile speed, link compatibility with g77, f2c and gcc, Big Endian (-)
Little Endian data conversion, Pentium Pro optimizers. Fx multi-language
debugger is Fortran savvy. Also debugs gcc, assembler and now supports
hardware break points. Motif and curses interfaces included.

Distribution CD also includes complete DISLIN graphics library, compiled
HDF, BLAS, LAPACK routines and HTML document on converting F77-)F90.

Complete v3.0 IMSL Math and Stat Fortran libraries are available as an
extra cost option.

Product details, links to benchmarks, user comments and screen shots
available at: Any questions can be sent to


Wood Lotz
Absoft Corporation