HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Canada, December 11, 1997: S-Ware introduces an
exciting new Java-based tool to complement its web survey package, World
Wide Web Survey Assistant. The new Java editor and updated website at
http://www.surveyassistant.com make WWW Survey Assistant easier to use than

The new editor runs as an applet through any Java-enabled web browser. As
no download or installation is required, users will be able to immediately
take advantage of software enhancements as they are added. The Java editor
can also be downloaded and run as an application independent of the user’s
web browser. S-Ware will continue to support its CGI-based editors for
users who are not yet using a Java-enabled browser.

WWW Survey Assistant is the most versatile, full-featured and economical
software for creating web surveys and tests. The survey/test administrator
needs only to supply the questions. WWW Survey Assistant automatically
generates an HTML form and a dynamic CGI script and installs them on
S-Ware’s server. No programming experience is required. WWW Survey
Assistant users need no knowledge of or access to their own WWW server.

Our free demo is fully functional for two weeks and requires no download or
installation, unlike those of our competitors.

– Business: market research, research and development, customer
satisfaction, employee satisfaction/feedback, training/assessment.
– Education: online tutorials/assessment, instructor evaluations, distance
education, academic research.
– Computers: add interactivity to websites, network administration feedback.

– Designed specifically for the web, not adapted from existing software.
– Run-time range and type checking.
– Custom formulas based on the user’s responses.
– Administrator may specify which questions cannot be left blank.
– Selectively present feedback to the user based on their response(s).
– Presents summary of all participants’ responses to each user.
– Filters out respondent’s resubmissions.
– Only allows access to respondents from the domain(s) specified.
– Surveys up and running very quickly.
– Have your survey up front.
– Automatic skip patterns.
– Random question order.
– Multiple page surveys.
– Customizable HTML web forms.
– Fully secure CGI.
– Excellent technical support.
– Data and security violation logging.
– WYSIWYG editing.
– Inexpensive.

For more information, visit our website http://www.surveyassistant.com,
E-mail us at trudy@or.psychology.dal.ca or call (902) 492-0009.

302-6265 London Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3L 1W9

Trudy A. Shore
(902) 492-0009