From: (Scott S. Lawton)
Subject: Text Machine beta1, pattern search & replace

Text Machine offers the power of pattern-matching search & replace, made
simple using plain English keywords such as “letter”, “digit” and
“punctuation”. It works with Frontier, AppleScript, Tango and any other
software that can send Apple events. Text Machine includes a full set of
pattern verbs (replace, extract, locate & match) and supports the standard
document verbs (make, open, save, close).

Applications include:
– web publishing (e.g. convert to and from HTML, extract URLs)
– print publishing (clean up text before importing)
– database import (extract fields from text, e.g. city, state, zip from a
single line)
– web database (reformat data before posting)
– electronic-mail (convert addresses to a consistent format, create
context-sensitive replies)
– document management (search multiple files)

The beta1 version of Text Machine is now available for $75, including free
electronic updates thru 1.1. (This price will be valid from now until 60
days following the release of 1.0. The suggested retail price will be $95.)

For a preview, check out our website — especially the scripts in “Cool
uses of Text Machine”.


SSL, PreFab Software, NEW: 508-692-1256

Text Machine beta1: pattern search & replace with simple keywords