July 15, 1997

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Microware Systems Corporation

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Diba, Inc.

Microware and Diba Announce Immediate Availability of
Integrated Internet Solution for Information Appliances

DES MOINES, Iowa — Microware Systems Corporation (Nasdaq: MWAR), a leader
in system software technology for embedded and consumer appliance markets,
today announced that they have selected Diba, Inc.’s Information Appliance
technology as the preferred solution for customers interested in creating
Internet-enabled devices. Beginning immediately, manufacturers of
Internet-enabled televisions, set-top boxes, network computers, and smart
telephones can purchase this integrated Internet software solution
consisting of Microware’s OS-9 real-time operating system and the Diba
Information Appliance Suite, Version 2.0.

“Diba and Microware are coordinating efforts to bring our customers a
superior browser and e-mail solution for the smart products hitting the
high-growth consumer market,” said Ken Kaplan, president and CEO of
Microware. “This value-added bundle of Diba’s Information Appliance Suite
and OS-9 will speed development time, keep costs low and still allow
devices to be highly extensible and portable, which is why we have
customers waiting for this package.”

“Throughout our working relationship, Diba and Microware’s goal has been to
provide manufacturers with a fully integrated one-stop-shop that will allow
them to bring Information Appliance products such as set-top boxes, smart
screen telephones, and network computers to market quickly,” said Farzad
Dibachi, president and CEO of Diba. “We believe Microware’s leadership role
in the embedded consumer appliance market will help establish this Internet
solution as the best choice for OEMs.”

About Information Appliances

Information Appliances are a new class of consumer device that combine the
power of computers with the ease of use, convenience and affordability of
traditional consumer appliances. With their push-button design and
easy-to-use interfaces, Information Appliances represent a wide range of
devices, such as Internet-enabled televisions and telephones, that let
customers tap into the information age for the first time.

Pricing and Availability

The Microware-Diba platform is available for immediate order. Pricing will
vary depending on order volume and the degree of customization desired.
Contact a Microware sales representative for more information.

Diba Information Appliance Suite, Version 2.0

The Diba Information Appliance Suite, Version 2.0, consists of the Diba
Application Foundation, the Diba Application Modules, and a set of
Diba-created applications optimized for Information Appliances. Specific
applications include Diba Browser, Diba Mail, Diba Telephony, and Diba
Configuration. The recently released Version 2.0 of the Diba Information
Appliance Suite includes such enhanced functionality as improved
anti-aliasing and anti-flicker technology in the Web browser, an enhanced
open API architecture that allows developers to easily customize any part
of the software platform, and greater extensibility across new platforms.
The Diba Information Appliance Suite is microprocessor and ISP independent,
giving manufacturers of Information Appliances a wide choice of vendor

OS-9 System Software

OS-9 is a full-featured, multi-tasking real-time operating system. Its
architecture is scalable and modular, allowing it to fit a wide range of
designs from small handheld devices to large networked systems. The company
has developed software strategies for the Internet and wireless
communications by incorporating Java support, web browser technology,
networking, graphics, power management, user interface and communications

About Microware

Microware develops, markets, and supports sophisticated real-time operating
system software and development tools for advanced consumer,
communications, and industrial products, including devices for the emerging
Internet, wireless communications, and digital television markets.
Microware is the first real-time embedded operating system software
provider to receive ISO 9001 certification for its software development
quality assurance methodologies. Microware, headquartered in Des Moines,
Iowa, was founded in 1977 and has technology and sales offices throughout
the United States as well as in England; France; Germany; and Japan. For
more information on Microware, please visit their World Wide Web site at

About Diba

Diba is a leading software technology provider for the Information
Appliance marketplace. Dedicated to making information more accessible to
more people, Diba has created an open, end-to-end architecture for the
development and delivery of Information Appliances and services. Diba
licenses its technologies to consumer electronics companies, appliance
manufacturers and service providers. Using Diba’s technologies, these
companies can quickly and affordably create a wide range of Information
Appliances for homes, schools and offices. Diba is headquartered in Menlo
Park, California with sales offices in Chicago and London.

Microware, the Microware logo, and OS-9 are registered trademarks of
Microware Systems Corporation. Diba is a trademark of Diba, Inc. All other
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Note: The statements in this release concerning the outlook for the
referenced products and relationship are forward-looking statements that
involve risks and uncertainties, including successful development of and
customer acceptance of the products.


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