Tools Plus Assists Mac OS 8/System 7 Developers

OAKVILLE, Ontario–July 7, 1997–Macintosh developers creating applications
or plug-ins for Mac OS 8 and System 7 have a new ally, now that Water’s
Edge Software has upgraded their Tools Plus libraries and framework to
version 3.3. The latest version includes new routines to facilitate writing
applications and plug-ins that can take advantage of Mac OS 8’s new
Appearance Manager while retaining compatibility with System 7.

As in the past, Tools Plus libraries continue to shield developers from the
multitude of intricacies and complexities of Macintosh programming. They
allow developers to easily create professional quality applications and
plug-ins, often reducing effort by as much as 85% and dramatically reducing
the volume and complexity of source code. Tools Plus libraries can be used
with or without the application framework that is included in the software
developer kit.

Developers using Tools Plus 3.3 can program for a specific version of the
OS, such as Mac OS 8 whose new Appearance Manager includes gray scale (3D)
controls, windows and floating palettes. These applications can use Tools
Plus’s real-time substitutions, thereby making use of custom windows and
controls (included with Tools Plus) to create an attractive gray scale
interface when running on System 7.

Starting with version 3.3, Tools Plus gives developers the ability to
access underlying toolbox data structures such as those used for editing
fields, list boxes, controls and others, thus providing more flexibility
than ever before.

Applications written with Tools Plus can seamlessly integrate most
third-party add-ons, such as StoneTable, a premier List Manager replacement
from StoneTablet Publishing.

The Water’s Edge Software web site (
features an illustrated Guided Tour that showcases a number of user
interface elements created with Tools Plus, and lists the source code that
creates those elements, in most cases a single line. A free Evaluation Kit
is available at the site, as well as user documentation, demos, and
detailed product information. Tools Plus was rated four stars by Macworld

Tools Plus is available for —
Metrowerks CodeWarrior Gold and CodeWarrior Pro: $249 (68K & PPC)
Metrowerks CodeWarrior Bronze: $199 (68K only)
Symantec’s (THINK) C/C++ or THINK Pascal: $149 each (68K)
SuperCDEFs world-class controls (reg. $89) are included free with Tools

The Tools Plus 3.3 upgrade is free to registered developers using Tools
Plus 3.x. The cost of upgrading from Tools Plus 2.x is as follows:
CodeWarrior Gold and CodeWarrior Pro $129
CodeWarrior Bronze $109
Symantec (THINK) C/C++ or THINK Pascal $89
All prices are in US dollars.

Water’s Edge Software is located at 2441 Lakeshore Road West, Box 70022,
Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6L 6M9; Phone 1-416-219-5628; Fax
1-905-847-1638; Email;

Press Contact:
Steve Makohin