6/3/97 Portland, OR. StoneTablet Publishing has released a new version of
StoneTable, a List Manager replacement. Many improvements and bug fixes
have been incorporated into a complete rewrite of the product which has
been through an extended beta test using current customers.

Some of the improvements include:
– improved memory utilization.
– improved integration of drag&drop and clipboard between StoneTable
and other applications.
– improved support for user defined data in cells.
– improved method of selecting cells based upon data type. For
example, click in a check box changes the value and a click outside of
the check box but in the cell selects the cell.
– improved method of starting edit of text in cells so that edits
begin when mouse is held down for dblClick ticks without moving the
– allow any supported data type to be used in a column or row title.
– new function for determining the best height for a cell so rows can
be auto resized by application.
– support for Tools Plus including a sample application.
– new manual in pdf format with hyperlinks.
– new cell type for icons with text similar to Finder displays. Text
may be below or right of icon. Icons may be large, small, or mini icons.

For additional information, please see http://www.teleport.com/~stack or
send e-mail to stack@teleport.com.