DR1 of CrossBasic, a new shareware BASIC development environment for the
Macintosh is now available.

CrossBasic is an implementation of the BASIC language on the Macintosh
which is tightly coupled with a set of visual components. The ‘Cross’ in
CrossBasic comes from the fact that it can transparently create Java
applets, as well as native Macintosh applications.

The primary features of CrossBasic are:
* Object-oriented implementation of the BASIC language with automatic
garbage collection;
* High level support for GUI elements;
* Fully integrated visual development/debugging environment;
* Advanced dynamically recompiling compiler – giving all of the benefits
of an interpreter, while still running at fully compiled speed;
* Development is supported on both 68k and PowerPC Macintoshes, running
native on both
* Build standalone applications for 68k and Power Macintoshes (including
Fat applications),
as well as building 100% Java Applets.

Further documentation, as well as downloading information, is available on
the web site: http://www.frii.com/~abarry/cb_index.html

CrossBasic is shareware, US$30

Andrew Barry
Andrew Barry Software P/L