Maxum Development Offers Rumpus
FTP Cooperative Upgrade To WebSTAR Users

Streamwood, IL — Maxum Development Corporation, a leading developer of
Macintosh Web server tools, is now offering cooperative upgrade pricing on
Rumpus to owners of WebSTAR, the popular Web server for Macintosh.

Running FTP services on World Wide Web servers is extremely common, and
allows Webmasters to provide anonymous file download services for their Web
site, as well as remotely maintain their Web content. However, running
multiple server applications on a single machine can cause slowdowns and
reliability problems. Rumpus is optimized to be not only the fastest FTP
server available, but also the most efficient, allowing WebSTAR and other
server applications to use more of the computer’s resources.

Because efficiency and reliability in an FTP server are crucial for Web
developers, Maxum is offering a “Cooperative Upgrade” to WebSTAR users.
Between now and August 1, 1997, WebSTAR customers can save $50 off Rumpus’
normal list price of $195. Maxum is also offering a competitive upgrade
discount of $50 to users of other Mac-based FTP servers, though both
discounts cannot be applied to the purchase of a single copy of Rumpus.
Complete information on Rumpus and the upgrade price can be found at

Rumpus 1.0 cooperates extremely well with WebSTAR, and Maxum continues to
enhance Rumpus’ efficiency. With Rumpus 1.1, Webmasters can set Rumpus’
performance characteristics to their individual needs. This will allow
WebSTAR and other server applications even more system resources on most
servers. Rumpus 1.1 will also include a built-in security model, allowing
Webmasters to completely bypass File Sharing, even for secure transactions.
By turning File Sharing off on the server, Web server performance is
dramatically improved due to reduced demands on the CPU and network.

A public beta version of Rumpus 1.1 is expected by mid-June, and the new
version will ship in early August. Rumpus 1.1 will be a free upgrade to
all Rumpus owners, according to Maxum’s “1 year free upgrades” policy.

About Rumpus

While the World Wide Web continues to garner the lion’s share of the
attention focused on the Internet, FTP remains the service of choice for
transferring large amounts of data. In addition to performing file
transfers, FTP is also the most popular method of uploading and maintaining
Web content on Internet servers.

Enter Rumpus, the premier FTP server for MacOS. Rumpus provides
workstation-like levels of performance and reliability with the ease-of-use
you expect from a Macintosh. Rumpus can be used to provide anonymous and
secure file transfer services on intranets and the Internet, or as a
simple, cross-platform solution for maintaining content on a Web server.

About Maxum

Founded in 1991, Maxum Development is a leading developer of commercial
World Wide Web server tools for business and education. Maxum products,
NetCloak and NetForms, were the first commercial tools for Macintosh-based
WWW servers and have since become industry mainstays. All Maxum products
are designed to enhance the function and performance of Web sites by making
them dynamic, interactive, reliable, secure, fast, and accessible.

Maxum, the Maxum logo, NetCloak, NetForms, Rumpus and the MaxumPack are
trademarks of Maxum Development Corp. Other product and corporate names
may be trademarks or registered trademarks of other companies, and are used
only for explanation and to the owners’ benefit, without intent to infringe.


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