NeoLogic Launches Consulting Division to Augment the Company’s Mature
Object Database Technology

-New ‘Solutions’ division to provide consulting services for organizations
building large-scale information systems with NeoAccess object database
management system

BERKELEY, CA – In a strategic move toward expanding its presence among
institutional markets, NeoLogic Systems Inc. today officially launched its
new Solutions division. The division will offer consulting services
designed to complement the company’s mature object database management
system, NeoAccess. The new division will assist NeoLogic customers better
utilize NeoAccess for large-scale information systems and custom

“Since 1992 we have focused exclusively upon product development,” said
NeoLogic President Bob Krause. “Now that NeoAccess has matured and we have
established a critical mass of high-profile reference accounts, we look
forward to entering the second phase of our growth by launching this
consulting services division.”

About the NeoLogic Solutions Division

NeoLogic’s Solutions division assists customers to further accelerate the
deployment of NeoAccess-based applications. Organizations utilizing
NeoLogic’s Solutions division experience reduced development time and costs
by outsourcing the back-end, data-intensive portion of their application to
experienced NeoAccess developers. NeoLogic works with clients to develop
NeoAccess-based applications to provide a full range of technology
solutions based on the individual needs of an organization. Solutions
service options include system architecture, block design, software
implementation, application debugging and system optimization.

About NeoAccess

NeoAccess is a cross-platform, object database management system (ODBMS)
which reduces development time and costs for commercial and corporate
developers by providing a powerful, flexible programming interface for
constructing complex, media-rich applications. It consists of a set of C++
classes that naturally extend standard application frameworks for Windows,
Macintosh and UNIX systems.

NeoAccess supports all major compilers and application frameworks including
Borland’s OWL, Microsoft’s Foundation Classes and MetroWerks’ Powerplant.
NeoAccess can also be used in custom development environments including
embedded systems development. NeoAccess has successfully been deployed as
the database support for major applications from companies such as
Netscape, AOL, Compuserve and NetObjects.

About NeoLogic

Formed in 1987, NeoLogic Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of
object-oriented technology. With NeoAccess, NeoLogic provides an object
database engine for building sophisticated applications on all major
platforms, including Windows, Macintosh and UNIX. NeoLogic customers
worldwide have successfully used NeoLogic object-oriented tools for
thousands of software applications. NeoLogic offers core technologies for
the professional developer. NeoLogic customers include Netscape, America
Online, Compuserve, NetObjects, Broderbund and Corel, among others.
NeoLogic Systems is located in Berkeley, California. Additional information
about NeoLogic and its products may be obtained via the web at:

NeoLogic and NeoAccess are trademarks of NeoLogic Systems, Inc. All other
trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Jesse Odell
The Ford Odell Group