Sophisticated Project Management Software
for the Macintosh, Sun Solaris, HP and Windows 3.x, 95, NT
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Andy Killinger, CEO, (303)757-2216

Press Release:

Automatic Update Feature

MICRO PLANNER X-Pert 2.4.2 and MICRO PLANNER Manager 1.4.2 offer a new
Update feature, which enables project managers to automatically update
project information from multiple external files. Project participants can
now enter progress data easily using a database, a spreadsheet, or, of
course, MICRO PLANNER. Using the Update feature, project leaders will have
current project-wide status on hand with the click of the mouse. MICRO
PLANNER’s powerful analysis functions can then provide the up-to-date
information needed to make decisions that keep the project on time and
within budget. With the addition of on-demand access to project status, the
new MICRO PLANNERs enable managers to become more productive by spending
more time managing the success of their projects and less time gathering

Year 2000 Compliance

X-Pert 2.4.2 and Manager 1.4.2 have been enhanced for “Year 2000”
compliance. The new MICRO PLANNER tools offer date formats with four digits
to designate the full calendar year (MM/DD/YYYY). “Year 2000” compliant
display adds seamless date information to MICRO PLANNER’s sophisticated
functionality, equipping users to take the most demanding projects into the
next century.

Increased Speed

Users of previous versions of Micro Planner will notice a significant
increase in the speed of MICRO PLANNER X-Pert 2.4.2 and MICRO PLANNER
Manager 1.4.2. Depending on hardware configurations, users will discover
the speed of certain operations (such as saving files) has been increased
by 600%.

An Enterprise-Wide Solution

MICRO PLANNER can be used independently or can be combined to provide a
total enterprise-wide solution. MICRO PLANNER Manager is ideal at the
project level, while X-Pert is designed for use at higher levels in the
organization for consolidating and managing many projects or subprojects.

MICRO PLANNER also accommodates the multi-platform hardware needs of an
organization by offering complete “file open” compatibility between their
Macintosh, UNIX, and Windows versions.

Micro Planning International

Founded in 1978, Micro Planning International developed the first project
management software for the personal computer. Since then, MPI has
established itself as a leader in the field of project management by
offering a full range of multi-platform software and services, including
training and consulting.

MPI specializes in the high technology business sector where the pressure
to shorten the product development cycle is intense. A few of MPI’s
clients include Amgen, Apple, Fidelity Investments, Lockheed Martin,
Motorola, Nortel and E-Systems/Raytheon.

MPI operates world wide with offices in the United States, Australia and
the United Kingdom. Micro Planning International’s corporate headquarters
are at 3801 E. Florida Ave., Ste. 507, Denver, CO 80210. Telephone (800)

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MPI Product Line

MPI publishes a full range of project management programs:

For the Apple Macintosh, Sun, HP, & Windows 3.x, 95, NT platform:
(High level graphics-based program for multi-project management)

MICRO PLANNER Manager $ 695
(Mid-range program, chart and report customization, graphics-based)