From: Graham Cox (
Subject: MacZoop C++ framework- 1.6.4 release now available

Hi folks,

The latest release of my Mac C++ framework MacZoop is now available for
download from:

This release fixes some minor bugs, adds a couple of classes and enhances
the menu handling features considerably. For a complete list of changes in
detail, refer to the changes section on the website.

If you don’t know what MacZoop is, or have not checked it out for a while,
here’s a quick reminder..;-)

MacZoop is a FREE C++ application framework for the Mac which is aimed both
at newcomers to Mac programming or C++, but is powerful enough to be used
for real projects, especially where you need something up and running in a
hurry. It is intended to complement rather than compete with Powerplant and
TCL, being much smaller, but is generally easier to use and more versatile
than e.g. Sprocket. It requires NO EXTRA CODE to compile and run; to do
something useful it requires only two overrides.

It is supplied as full source code (not a library) so you can both examine
the code and learn from it, or modify it directly if necessary.

I provide MacZoop entirely free of charge, with free eMail technical
support- no strings attached. Check out the website for more info, FAQ and

End of plug- thanks for reading!

cheers, Graham- MacZoop author