Burroughs (www.burroughs.com) has announced that Silver Bullet Technology’s Ranger (www.sbullet.com) for Macintosh API product is available immediately for the Burroughs SmartSource Micro Elite scanner.

The Burroughs SmartSource Micro Elite scanner is designed for low-volume remote deposit capture applications. This single-feed device has one of the smallest footprints in the industry. Fraudulent items are identified early with hardware-based Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). Front and rear color image cameras, and an ID card scanning capability round out the device.

Silver Bullet Technology’s Ranger for Macintosh product enables remote deposit capture users with Macs to use the Burroughs SmartSource Micro Elite scanner. Ranger, the universal check scanner API, gives its users the flexibility to run item processing applications unchanged on a wide variety of check scanners.

As new scanners become available, Ranger’s flexibility allows for a seamless transition of scanners into the market, according to Bryan Clark, CEO of Silver Bullet Technology. Ranger offers financial institutions control over their system configuration with an effortless mix and match between their software and check scanner hardware, he adds.