Sun Microsystems has released the beta specification for the Java 3D
application programming interface (API) for a 30 day public comment period
on the Web (URL

Sun’s Java 3D API is an open standard, object-oriented interface which
extends the Java core language with advanced 3D graphics capabilities. Java
3D, which is scalable and can be layered on top of existing 3D APIs, allows
developers to simplify building, rendering, and controlling 3D Java
applications while optimizing performance.

The Java 3D API is targeted at a broad spectrum of environments in a
variety of scales including browsers, virtual reality systems, 3D games,
CAD systems, Web pages, graphic design, VRML implementations, and authoring

This rich 3D API specification, a suite of Java media APIs which have
already been released and additional APIs being released later this year
provide seamless integration of a wide range of multimedia technologies for
the Web by utilizing the browser-based “Write Once, Run Anywhere” model
pioneered by Sun’s Java.

Java media APIs deliver unprecedented multimedia capabilities through their
platform independence, reduced deployment and development time, the ability
to re-use resources across traditionally separate multimedia platforms,
ease of creation and scalability.

After 30 days, public comments on the API specification will be reviewed
and integrated as appropriate. The Java 3D API was developed in conjunction
with Apple Computer, Inc., Silicon Graphics, Inc. and Intel Corp.

For more information see or contact
Pamela Sufi at or 415/287-4026.