For Immediate release.

Tuesday June 3rd 1997. Oxford, United Kingdom.

Webink Ltd. announce Webink InterNews news server 1.0

Webink Ltd, a Oxford UK based company specialising in the creation of
internet publishing systems and solutions announces the release of Webink
InterNews Server. The news server with a difference!

Webink InterNews Server is ideal for companys wanting to maintain and
manage internal and external information . Adding web server capabilities
opens up an exciting new realm to create and publish information using
existing technologies.

Putting people and technology first. InterNews is an intranet newsgroup
server for managing internal and external newsgroups. InterNews is ideal
for teams of people needing to communicate and orchestrate projects and
information in an easy-to-use environment. InterNews must be one of the
easiest to ‘setup and maintain’ workgroup collaboration tools available.

InterNews can be used in these environments :-


Examples of some uses for InterNews :-

Mobile office
Virtual office
Group communication and collaboration
Update information
Circulation lists
Price lists
Image Archive
Staff bulletins

InterNews has been created using the same design methology as Webink Pro a
powerful dynamic database publishing tool for creatingand powering
innovative and responsive World Wide Web sites.


News server
Integrated WWW server
Database engine
Quick and easy setup and management
Cost effective
Expandable and extensible
Macintosh and PC
File attachments
Threaded architecture
RFC compliant
System Monitors

More information covering the dynamics of InterNews Server can be found at or by contacting Webink Ltd directly.


The pricing of InterNews with the inclusion of a fully functional and
integrated World Wide Web server provides two (2) products for price of
one. InterNews has a recommended retail price of USD185.00 During June a
special introductory offer of USD155.00 is available for a limited time.
InterNews client will be available from July 1997 included in the Server
package for USD220.00.

Orders can be placed electronically, by fax or calling Webink direct.
Discounts for bulk orders and educational institutions are available by

One of the beta testers for InterNews said to us “For a Macintosh and PC
application, it is fast and easy to enter groups and get the server
running. My only complaint is, that this did not come out sooner!”.


Webink Ltd. has opened a news group to discuss InterNews server issues:

Future relases

Future release of InterNews will see such advances as inbuilt keyword
searching, virtual newsgroups and much more.

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Webink Ltd. is a customer first, technology first company. Customised and
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