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June 3, 1997 Press Contact
Jeff Hendry
EveryWare Development Corp.
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Tango Enterprise, EveryWare’s Rapid Application Development tool has been

Tango Enterprise’s faster performance and added functionality gives it the
power to build the most sophisticated Web-based applications

Mississauga, ON,-June 3, 1997-EveryWare Development Corp. today announced
an upgrade to their windows version of Tango Enterprise. Tango Enterprise
is an intranet rapid application development tool used by Web developers to
quickly and easily create Web-based applications with data connectivity,
using a point-and-click visual development environment.

Tango Enterprise 2.1 for Windows adds support for direct Oracle database
access, along with continued support for ODBC, has several performance
enhancement features including support for NSAPI and ISAPI plug-ins, as
well as many new meta tags used to extend Tango’s functionality.

Tango delivers a substantial increases in performance and a 60 percent
increase in speed for processing Tango’s meta tags, compared to the
previous version. The added performance results from a new, intelligent
caching mechanism and other code enhancements, as well as plug-in support
for Netscape’s and Microsoft’s server API’s (NSAPI, ISAPI).

Tango Enterprise 2.1 provides a direct connection to Oracle database
servers, resulting in better performance and lower implementation costs. As
with previous versions Tango Enterprise 2.1 also supports ODBC compliant
databases such as: Sybase, Informix, SQL Server, Access, FoxPro, Butler
SQL, etc.

The upgrade also gives developers the option of including “next/previous x
records” functionality in their web applications. This feature allows users
to view large search result sets in multiple pages. In keeping with Tango’s
acclaimed ease-of-use, this feature can be added to new applications with a
single mouse click. The new release also includes many new Tango meta tags
that offer developers additional data manipulation capabilities and
improved “if-then” statements.

About Tango Enterprise

Tango Enterprise first shipped in November of 1995, the tool provides a
fast, easy way to create Web-based applications with database connectivity.
Tango Editor, Tango’s visual programming environment, generates complete
HTML and SQL code, while allowing developers to customize and control their
applications without locking them into pre-defined forms or templates. A
multi-platform development environment, Tango Enterprise runs on Windows
95, Windows NT, Apple Macintosh, Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX and IBM/Apple AIX.

Web sites built with Tango include complete banking solutions, on-line
shopping systems, corporate directories, inventory management solutions,
online requisition forms, product and pricing catalogs, and event
registration. One of the more complex Tango Enterprise applications is the
Bank of Montreal’s Investor Line site (, which
provides sophisticated on-line portfolio tracking. Tango Enterprise is used
to make remote calls to a quote provider, then dynamically handles the
content of numerous data feeds. Tango Enterprise updates an investor
information database with real-time quotes from the quote server, provides
session management, keeping track of information on individual investors as
they travel through the site.

Price and availability

Tango Enterprise 2.1 is priced from $995 and is available directly from
EveryWare Development Corp. For more information call EveryWare direct at
888-819-2500 or 905-819-1173 or through email at
Product information can be obtained from EveryWare’s Web site

About EveryWare Development Corp.

EveryWare provides cross-platform applications for the construction,
maintainence, and analysis of Web sites. The company supports multiple
operating environments, including Windows NT/95, UNIX, and Macintosh.
EveryWare has seven key products: Tango Enterprise, a Web/database
integration tool; Tango for Access, a Web/database integration tool for
Access databases; Tango for FileMaker, a Web/database integration tool
specifically optimized for FileMaker Pro databases; Bolero, a Web site
tracking and analysis application; Tango Merchant, an online shopping
basket solution; Butler SQL, a client/server relational database management
system; and Connected, a cross-platform multi-user accounting system.

EveryWare Development Canada Corp. trades under the stock symbol “EVY” on
the Alberta Stock Exchange.


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