PC-Mac-Net FileShare v6.0 Adds Powerful Data Backup and Enhanced Remote
Folder Sync

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — April 4, 2006 — Lava Software is now shipping
PC-Mac-Net FileShare v6.0, a fast and efficient file sharing, data backup
and remote media playback controller which operates over LANs and the
Internet. Versions are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic and

This new version offers incremental data backup with scheduling, improved
remote folder synchronization, greater robustness in transferring large
groups of files, better diagnostics for setting up Internet file transfers,
significant fixes in the Linux and Mac OS Classic versions, superfast
launch times, reduced CPU utilization, an enhanced user interface, and
increased compatibility with non-English Windows operating systems. It is a
free upgrade for all users.

PC-Mac-Net FileShare v6.0 provides powerful data backup and recovery
functions to help protect users from data loss. During a backup, it scans
selected folders and adds recently modified files to the backup store.
Older versions of each file are also retained. To recover a file, the user
simply selects the date on which the desired file was current and a file
explorer interface (which accepts search criteria) shows all files
available at that date. Files and folders can then be selected and restored
to their original locations, or saved to a new location. File data
integrity is verified during storage and recovery using MD5 digital
signatures. Backup logs and restore logs provide detailed information about
all file transfers.

Backups can be scheduled to be performed monthly, weekly, daily or hourly.
When a backup alarm occurs, the backup operation can be performed
automatically, or optionally an alert displayed allowing the user to
trigger the backup when ready. This “Alert Only” mode is perfect for
protecting users work whilst they are editing an important document (eg. a
thesis), or series of documents (eg. software source code modules). Every
hour, the backup alert will obediently pop up reminding the user to save
their work and start the incremental backup process. At this time, the user
can also enter a short note describing the backup eg. “Just completed
thesis abstract”. In this way, with minimal effort, the user has a rolling
series of versions of their valuable documents backed up. Later, if they
need to, they can easily access any previous version of their files.

The free Lite Edition of PC-Mac-Net FileShare can be downloaded now from
http://www.lavasoftware.com. The Lite Edition has 10mb download and 2mb
upload file size limits, allows 3 users per workgroup, has data backup
limits, and a 10 minute media playback time. The Professional Edition has
unlimited data backup capabilities and can play music and full-length
movies, and the Standard Edition can play music and short movies. The Mac
OS Classic version offers file transfer and remote folder sync only. Prices
start at USD14.95 per computer, with discounts for larger pack sizes.

About the Company

Lava Software Pty. Ltd., a company incorporated in the State of South
Australia in 1997, offers software products across a range of key
application areas for all popular computer platforms. More information is
available from http://www.lavasoftware.com.