BeOS release of the high-performance, cross-platform
object database runs 300 to 500% faster than on MacOS.

SANTA CLARA, CA May 10, 1997 — NeoLogic Systems, Inc. today announced
the release of NeoAccess 5.0 for the Be Operating System (BeOS) NeoAccess
is NeoLogic’s cross-platform object database engine. NeoAccess is used by
developers as the database foundation for building advanced software
applications running on Be, Windows, Macintosh and/or Unix platforms.

Utilizing the BeOS’s new high-performance file system and extensive
multithreading capabilities, benchmarks show that NeoAccess performs three
to five times faster than under MacOS on similar PowerMacintosh hardware,
making NeoAccess the highest performance object database engine available
for PowerPC-based applications. Since NeoAccess is a cross-platform
framework, developers can use it to build both BeOS and MacOS applications.

“We’re extremely pleased that NeoLogic has brought the high-performance
database capabilities of NeoAccess to the BeOS platform,” said Jean-Louis
Gasse, president and CEO of Be, Inc. “That NeoLogic’s customer list
includes a large number of media and Internet oriented developers did not
escape our attention. The combination of NeoAccess and the digital media
oriented design of the BeOS provides a high-performance foundation for a
new generation of digital content creation tools. We’re looking forward to
this.” The NeoAccess database engine allows professional developers to
build data-intensive applications that use very little memory and perform
efficiently on a broad range of machines, including those with limited
resources. NeoAccess reduces development time by offering an extensible,
easy-to-use framework that works in concert with a developer’s existing
tool set. It provides additional cost savings to the developer through its
“no runtime” licensing structure and its affordable pricing schedule.
Applications currently using the NeoAccess engine include Netscape
Communicator (for mail and news services) and NetObjects Fusion web site
construction tool. Now NeoAccess is available for BeOS development as well.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer our products to the BeOS developer
community,” said NeoLogic President Bob Krause. “In bringing NeoAccess’
performance to the BeOS, NeoLogic extends its commitment to serving the
needs of professional developers building complex media-driven
applications, particularly those designed for the Internet. Our technology
base and distinct business model make NeoAccess the ideal solution for
organizations looking to develop sophisticated object-oriented applications
for either in-house or commercial distribution.”

About NeoAccess
NeoAccess uses an object-oriented framework approach toward database
technology, which integrates well with the object-oriented BeOS API. In
much the same way that application frameworks are used to construct the
front-end of an application, NeoAccess is the framework developers use to
build an application’s database back-end. This simplifies application
development, and allows developers to focus on the value-added portion of
their product.

Pricing and Availability
The NeoAccess Developer’s ToolKit for BeOS is available today for $749.
Each toolkit includes source code, numerous sample applications, 600+ pages
of documentation, and 30 days of online technical support. NeoAccess is
the only commercially available object database engine available for use
without runtime licensing fees. Site licenses, as well as educational and
volume discounts, are also available.

Representatives from NeoLogic are attending the Be Developer Conference
this week in Santa Clara ( where
they will be on hand to demonstrate NeoAccess and speak with BeOS
developers. The NeoAccess Developer’s ToolKit will also be available for
license at the conference. An architectural overview and ready-built sample
applications (with source code) can be downloaded from NeoLogic’s web site

About NeoLogic
Formed in 1987, NeoLogic Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of
)object-oriented technology. With NeoAccess, NeoLogic provides a
cross-platform object database engine used in the construction of
sophisticated applications for all major platforms, including Be, Windows,
Macintosh and UNIX. NeoShare is the latest addition to the NeoLogic
continuum of object-oriented development tools. It extends NeoAccess by
providing developers with a feature-rich framework for distributing and
managing objects across collaborative computing environments. From
commercial software developers to in-house custom application specialists,
customers worldwide have successfully used NeoLogic object-oriented tools
for thousands of advanced software applications. NeoAccess and NeoShare are
affordable core technologies for the professional developer. NeoLogic
customers include Netscape, America Online, NetObjects, Broderbund and
Corel, among others. NeoLogic Systems, Inc. is located in Berkeley,
California. Additional information about NeoLogic and its products may be
obtained via the web at

About Be, Inc.
Be, Inc., founded in 1990 by Jean-Louis Gasse, is a software company
focusing on building new foundations for the next generation of digital
content and media design tools. With a team of industry-leading engineers
and business executives in the United States and Europe, the company is
dedicated to removing the limitations of existing computer architectures
and delivering a new level of price performance. In 1997, Be is publishing
the first public releases of the Be Operating System (BeOS), the core
product of this strategy. Be, Inc. is headquartered in Menlo Park,

NeoLogic, NeoAccess and NeoShare are registered trademarks of NeoLogic
Systems, Inc. Be is a registered trademark, and BeOS is a trademark of Be,
Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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