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Apple Endorses Java Foundation Classes as a Key Component of its Rhapsody

WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.–May 13, 1997–Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Apple
Computer, Inc. today announced that Apple has joined Sun, Netscape
Communications Corporation, and IBM in the continued effort to evolve the
Java Foundation Classes, the most comprehensive set of tools for defining
the look and feel of Java applications. Apple will embrace the Java
Platform, which includes the Java Foundation Classes, as a central
component of its development and deployment strategy for Rhapsody, the code
name for its next generation OS, and Mac OS.

This announcement confirms Apple’s commitment to providing a leading Java
Platform for creating and distributing 100% Pure Java solutions. By
adopting Java as a premier development environment and Application
Programming Interface (API) platform for Mac OS and Rhapsody, Apple
developers will have access to the largest deployment platforms possible.

“Sun is very excited to see Apple endorsing the Java Foundation Classes,”
said Jon Kannegaard, vice president of software products at JavaSoft, a
business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. “We value Apple as an ally who
will contribute substantially in making Java the best applications
development and deployment environment in the industry.”

“We intend to add significant value as a key contributing ally in the
evolution of the Java Platform,” said Avadis Tevanian, senior vice
president of software engineering at Apple Computer, Inc. “At Apple, we
aim to make both Mac OS and Rhapsody preeminent development and deployment
platforms for Java technology. Apple’s leadership position in digital
media integration and human interface design, combined with the robust
battle-tested functionality we are building into our future operating
systems, mean Apple has much to contribute to Java.”

“Apple support of the Java Foundation Classes complements Netscape’s
crossware initiative–which includes Netscape’s strong support of Apple
platforms including Mac OS, Rhapsody and PowerPC,” said Rick Schell, senior
vice president of client and platform products division at Netscape
Communications Corporation. “Java Foundation Classes let Apple developers
quickly build Java applications that can run on Netscape clients and
servers and be accessible by the more than 50 million copies of Netscape
client software running on 17 platforms on the Internet today.”

“As a development partner with Sun and Netscape for the Java Foundation
Classes, IBM applauds this endorsement by Apple, which will contribute to
the continued rapid progress of the Java Platform,” said Rod Smith,
distinguished engineer and director, Internet Technology at IBM. “The Java
Foundation Classes will be a valuable tool for developers as they roll out
network computing applications for the enterprise.”

Java Foundation Classes are being designed collaboratively by Sun,
Netscape, and IBM. With this announcement, Apple is now participating in
the process. These powerful new tools leverage new technologies from Sun;
Sun’s current Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT); and the Netscape
Windowing Internet Foundation Classes (IFCs) to provide a powerful unified
framework for Java application development. Because JFC is based on both
IFC and AWT technology, applications developed using either IFC or AWT will
be easily upgraded to support the new JFC framework.

The new Java Foundation Classes are scheduled to be available in the next
release of the Java Development Kit.

Apple’s OS Strategy
Rhapsody is the code name for Apple’s next-generation operating system for
PowerPC. Apple expects Rhapsody to provide customers with an environment
that delivers industrial strength performance, stability and new classes of
software for computing into the next century, while preserving customer
investment in hardware and software. Customers in markets such as print
publishing, multimedia, Internet/intranet web authoring, corporate
application development and higher education and engineering/scientific
will quickly benefit from the advantages of moving to the Rhapsody
platform. Apple will also be bringing out a version of the OS for
Intel-based personal computers, code named Rhapsody for Intel processors.

Apple will continue to update Mac OS moving forward. A significant upgrade
to the operating system, Mac OS 8, is scheduled for introduction in July
1997, with further upgrades planned in 1998 and 1999.

About Sun JavaSoft, headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., is a business unit
of Sun Microsystems, Inc. The company’s mission is to develop, market and
support the Java technology and products based on it. Java supports
networked applications and enables developers to write applications once
that will run on any Java enabled machine. JavaSoft develops systems
platforms, tools and applications to further enhance Java as the
programming standard for complex networks such as the Internet and
corporate intranets.Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, “The
Network Is The Computer,” has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ
“SUNW”), to its position as a leading provider of hardware, software and
services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power
of the Internet. With more than $8 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be
found in more than 150 countries and on the World Wide Web at

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About Apple Apple Computer, Inc., a recognized innovator in the information
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