Apple Cuts Prices on OPENSTEP Enterprise and Updates Product to Version 4.2

Product Now Includes Support for Deploying Applications on Windows 95;
Increases Developer Productivity With PCVS Manager Integration

WWDC, SAN JOSE, Calif.-May 13, 1997-At its annual Worldwide Developers
Conference (WWDC) Apple Computer, Inc. today announced it was reducing
prices on OPENSTEP Enterprise, and introducing a new version of the
product, OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2. OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 is an object
oriented development environment running on Windows NT that allows
developers to assemble, integrate, and deploy dynamic business applications
across the enterprise on a variety of Operating Systems. OPENSTEP
Enterprise 4.2 allows developers to create applications that can easily be
updated to respond to changing user needs in the enterprise. New features
include the ability to deploy applications on Windows 95 and Project
Builder integration with Intersolv’s PVCS Manager source code management
system. The PVCS Manager integration will streamline the development
process and speed application development by helping to coordinate code
input from multiple programmers.

The repricing means that OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 will now be available at
around U.S. $1,500 per developer version. The product was previously
available for U.S.$5,000 per developer version. The prices of the other
OPENSTEP products remain unchanged.

Frederic Bonnard, OPENSTEP product manager, Apple Computer, Inc. said,
“Apple’s market presence has allowed us to construct a pricing plan that
will bring OPENSTEP development productivity to a wide range of
customers-from value added resellers to in-house development teams and
independent software developers. As Apple puts forward a compelling
strategy for developers with its development platform code named “Yellow
Box”, OPENSTEP Enterprise is an ideal stepping stone for development teams
wanting to create next generation applications”.

OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 As well as increasing the overall ease of use and
robustness of the system, OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 now includes support for
deploying client applications on Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation; and
server deployment on Windows NT Server, HP/UX,and Sun Solaris. The product
includes CORBA 2.0 support through IONA Software’s ORBIX product, Source
Code Management (SCM) integration with Intersolv’s PVCS software, improved
C++ support, and programming ‘Wizards’ to increase developer productivity.

OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 includes Enterprise Object Frameworks (EOF) 2.1.
EOF maps relational databases to objects in the OPENSTEP application
environment. Using EOF, developers can forge enterprise data into something
far more valuable: enterprise objects that can be reused across different
applications. EOF works today with Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and ODBC
databases, and its design is open to others.

WebObjects, offered as an add-on to OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2, provides
access to business logic from any Web browser. WebObjects is made of a set
of pre-built objects that use HTML as a front end to business objects
through any HTTP server available on the market. It support Java applets
and ActiveX controls as well as security standards like SSL and S-HTTP.
Combined with OPENSTEP Enterprise, this solution delivers access to
corporate services to any user through the corporate intranet and the
global Internet, with minimal effort.

OPENSTEP 4.2 for Mach The OPENSTEP product line for Mach has also been
upgraded and consists of three separate products: OPENSTEP 4.2 User,
OPENSTEP 4.2 Developer, and Enterprise Object Frameworks (EOF) 2.1 for
Mach. OPENSTEP Developer for Mach allows developers to migrate their
applications to the OPENSTEP standard, making their application portable
across different platforms including Windows 95 and Windows NT. OPENSTEP
4.2 User consists of a full featured operating system for the deployment of
mission critical applications across the enterprise. Enterprise Object
Frameworks (EOF) 2.1 for Mach is also available as a standalone product for
development and deployment of client/server applications.

New Pricing and Availability The OPENSTEP family of products are available
direct from Apple Computer, Inc. For sales information call
1-800-879-6398. Customers can still use the Internet site: to
purchase these products. Apple expects the following products to be
available by the end of May. Prices for the product line are as follows:

OPENSTEP Enterprise 4.2 for Windows NT-at around U.S.$1,500, per developer
version OPENSTEP Enterprise Deployment starts at around U.S.$12,899 per
server pack OPENSTEP Developer for Mach-U.S. $5,000 per developer version
OPENSTEP User for Mach-at around U.S. $800 per seat Enterprise Object
Frameworks (EOF) 2.1 for Mach-U.S. $500 per seat

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