Introducing ScriptDemon:
Complete AppleScript Power over the Web!

Royal Software, Inc. announces ScriptDemon! ScriptDemon is a browser
plug-in that, for the first time, delivers the power AppleScript over the
Web. The ScriptDemon plug-in executes the embedded AppleScript code
included on a Web page.

AppleScript is the most powerful device on any platform for creating tools
and workflows, easily. It is THE superior automation tool for publishing
and communication. As an extension of these abilities, this plug-in is
designed to change the relationship between a user and the
Internet/Intranet forever.

No longer is the user’s “net” experience limited to observing through a
browser window. With this plug-in, an unprecedented level of interactivity
is available. Now the user can say “Show me!” or “Guide me!” or even have a
specific task done for them ON THEIR COMPUTER!

Users can tap interactive help files; get help downloading and installing
files; automatically build documents based on transferred data… the
options are endless. Remote system administration is even possible!

In conjunction with LiveCard, Royal Software’s CGI that lets you run
HyperCard over the Web from any browser on any platform, and the Royal TCP
Suite, which can also be used via AppleScript, ScriptDemon is a major piece
of a total programmable Internet/Intranet solution.

The Basics of ScriptDemon Plug-ins are software programs that extend the
capabilities of browsers such as NetScape Navigator.

AppleScript is a scripting language that allows you to control Macintosh
computers without using the keyboard or mouse. AppleScript lets you use
series of written instructions, known as scripts, to control applications
and the desktop. Scripts are ideal for performing tasks that involve more
than one application. A script can send instructions to one application,
get the resulting data, and then pass the data on to one or more additional
applications. For example, a script can collect information from a database
application and copy it to a spreadsheet application.

ScriptDemon gives you all the power of AppleScript via the Web. In essence,
the AppleScript code on the Web page takes over the browsing computer,
executes the AppleScript, and returns control to the browser.

ScriptDemon painlessly and inexpensively handles many previously
impossible tasks, such as:
Using the Intranet to manage all Macintosh computers on-line
Using the Internet to install and configure software
Using the Internet to configure hardware
Delivering complex sets of files and assembling them on
the browsing computer
Providing interactive education and product support
on both the Internet and Intranet

Who Should Use ScriptDemon
ScriptDemon is perfect for anyone needing the power and elegance of
)AppleScript. In particular, however, the following markets will be
initially targeted:

Intranet Management: For the first time, the Intranet can be used to
automatically install, configure and update software. In addition,
technical support will be much easier to provide since AppleScript can
return the individual machine’s particular configuration.

Software and Hardware Technical Support: Large areas of technical
support can be automated, drastically reducing support costs and customer
frustration. Not only can ScriptDemon help isolate problems with a specific
product, it can also check for conflicting extensions and software.

What ScriptDemon Does
AppleScript is embedded into a Web page. The Macintosh browser must be
capable of running plug-ins and also have AppleScript installed. The
embedded AppleScript is presented on the browser as a clickable button.
Once clicked, the AppleScript is run and control is returned to the
browser. All the power of AppleScript is unleashed via scripts embedded on
Web pages. In addition, JavaScript can be included as well.

An optional Controller Bar can be drawn on the page. This gives the user to
run the script, to view the script, and to view comments about script.

Security Concerns
Commands and controls do not come from the server, but reside on the user’s
machine–buried into the HTML of the page they are viewing. The “embedded”
AppleScript, when activated, is translated, compiled, and run by the
AppleScript plug-in. The full range of AppleScript’s abilities are
available. Naturally, with this openness comes possible dangers, in the
same way that the Internet at once offers the best and worst, as well as
help and troubles.

ScriptDemon provides limited security in two ways:
1. There is a user preference to be warned of a script running,
whether it is visible or invisible to the user. The user has the option to
view the script and cancel its execution.
2. The plug-in will store a user-indicated, encrypted,
password-protected list of approved domains. If a script is from a
non-approved site, it will not be allowed to run.

In spite of these controls, the ultimate responsibility lies with the user.
An AppleScript, if designed to do so, can delete data and cause severe
trouble on the user’s machine or machines on the user’s network. It can
even install system files, restart the machine, and connect to another
site! If you are using AppleTalk Remote Access, your entire network can be
attacked and exposed by an AppleScript run on your machine. These are
serious concerns.

It is the intent of Royal Software that this plug-in be used mostly in
controlled Intranet settings and when connected to trusted sites like
Apple, Adobe, Claris, etc. Within these parameters, it can be an incredibly
useful and valuable tool. If used without restraint on the Internet,
obvious problems will undoubtedly arise.

ScriptDemon is available now. ScriptDemon is available via license only. A
future version will be available for individual use. Contact Royal Software
for licensing information.

Royal Software
Royal Software, which acquired Heizer Software in 1996, is the largest
publisher and distributor of scripting extensions for products including
HyperCard and AppleScript. Last year, Royal Software introduced LiveCard
to critical aclaim. LiveCard is a HyperCard add-on that enables remote
users to browse and interact with HyperCard stacks on your web server. For
the first time, you can serve your HyperCard stacks onto any browser and
onto any platform: Macintosh, Windows, or UNIX!

Royal Software also offers PrintReports, the most powerful printing utility
for either AppleScript or HyperCard. Its other products include
MegaWindows, CompileIt!, and the TCP Suite.

For more information, please check:

Royal Software, Inc. (
[including Heizer Software]
800.888.7667 813.581.6422 813.559.0614 [fax]
300 Cedar Lane, Largo FL, 33770-4001