Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

RumdeeDum has announced Princess Arabella Wants to Play, a storybook app for children. It includes fun animations and sounds on every page and the ability to choose from up to four languages on the menu screen. The iPhone/iPod touch costs US$1.99, and the iPad version is $2.99.

Fetch Softworks has released Roadshow, a new way for iPad users to collect web videos to watch later, even without an Internet connection. It also supports AirPlay with the new AppleTV, enabling users to enjoy their favorite videos on a big screen. Roadshow is available in the App Store as a free, ad-supported app that will play up to 15 videos. Users can purchase the in-app Roadshow Unlimited upgrade for US$4.99 to remove the ads and the video limit. Due to Apple’s App Store rules, Roadshow is unable to support saving YouTube videos.

The first episode of Zachy the Robot, a new interactive educational children’s cartoon series, is now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for $1.99. Zachy the Robot follows the adventures of a young robot named Zachy and his friends, the Repairbots, as they fix things in Robocity.

Games by John today has introduced GamePlanner 1.0, a $2.99 game design and productivity app for iOS. It helps keeps track of game ideas and turn them into full-fledged design documents. GamePlanner combines note-taking with supportive information about design documentation and enables users to visualize and save their ideas in an organized format. Features include a text editor, a built-in image editor and direct print and export features.

The new Bible Audio Pronunciations for iOS offers readers a way to experience the sacred text, featuring audio recordings of over 1,000 words. Designed to be used at home, church, or with others, the app will play recordings of terms, names, and places that many people find difficult to pronounce. Additionally, within the app there are links to Google and Wikipedia to direct readers to more information about the Bible words, and more. The Bible Audio Pronunciations app is available in lite and full versions. The latter is $0.99. The free lite version allows the user to try the app for free and access 100 of the most common audio pronunciations, while the full app features recordings of over 1,000 Bible words.

The Alice Dev Team has launched FrontCam Trap 1.0 for iOS, a free utility that allows users to secretly snap a time-stamped, security ID photo of any person taking the user’s iOS device out of locked/sleep mode. Photos of unauthorized users are kept in an in-app library that may be password protected. Additional optional features include: a siren alert when a photo is taken, silencing the shutter sound effect, and Dropbox connectivity and storage for photos.

Lola Panda has debuted Lola’s Magic Cube HD Lite, a free puzzle game for kids 4-8 years.

Shape Minds and Moving Images has created Pete and the Secret of Flying 1.0, an interactive storybook. Every scene has interactive elements. It’s designed for kids and for first readers from 2-6 years. Pete and the Secret of Flying 1.0 is $1.99 for the iPad version and $0.99 for the iPhone/iPod touch version.