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–America Online Adopts NeoAccess Database Engine to Increase Performance
and Optimize Memory Usage in AOL 3.0

Berkeley, CA – April 29, 1997 – NeoLogic Systems today announced that
NeoAccess, the company’s object database management system, has been
deployed as the foundation technology for America Online’s Macintosh client
application. This follows the adoption of NeoAccess by Netscape, Compuserve
and NetObjects, making NeoAccess the object database selected by four of
today’s leading Internet technology providers.

“AOL’s use of object technology represents the company’s unwavering,
forward-thinking drive to provide the best possible user experience for its
customers,” said NeoLogic President Bob Krause. “We are pleased to have
provided the database infrastructure to support this application’s
sophisticated, streamlined design.”

America Online has implemented NeoAccess for the mail, news and Internet
browser elements of its online software. NeoAccess provides database
support for 30 to 40 object classes in AOL 3.0, including all artwork and
multimedia data used by the software.

NeoAccess is a cross-platform, object database system which reduces
development time and costs for commercial and corporate developers by
providing extremely fast storage and management of database objects. It
consists of a set of C++ classes that naturally extend standard application
frameworks for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX systems.

“NeoAccess proved to be the ideal database infrastructure for building AOL
3.0,” said America Online software engineer Ed Devinney. “Its speed,
flexible interface, and incredibly small memory footprint were instrumental
to the rapid development and overall performance of our online application.”

With the NeoAccess database engine in place, AOL 3.0 features a
comprehensive feature-set that operates efficiently on a wide range of
computing environments, including resource limited machines. The AOL
development team utilized NeoAccess’ distinct consolidated caching
mechanism to optimize memory usage and increase responsiveness for users.
This mechanism enables shared access to data in a database from both the
application code and the engine code. Taking advantage of NeoAccess’
consolidated caching mechanism, AOL 3.0 uses about half the memory of an
application built with other database systems using dual caching

“As online software providers continue to add to the complexity and
sophistication of their applications, NeoLogic is positioned to meet and
exceed development requirements with proven object database solutions,”
said Krause. “The recent adoption of NeoAccess technology by America
Online, Netscape, Compuserve and NetObjects demonstrates the viability of
this position.”

About NeoLogic
Formed in 1987, NeoLogic Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of
object-oriented technology. With NeoAccess, NeoLogic provides object
database engines for building sophisticated applications for all major
platforms, including Windows, Macintosh and UNIX. NeoShare is the latest
addition to the NeoLogic continuum of object-oriented development tools. It
extends NeoAccess by providing developers with a feature-rich framework for
distributing and managing objects across collaborative computing
environments. From commercial software developers to in-house custom
application specialists, customers worldwide have successfully used
NeoLogic object-oriented tools for thousands of advanced software
applications. NeoAccess and NeoShare are affordable core technologies for
the professional developer. NeoLogic customers include Netscape, America
Online, Compuserve, NetObjects and Corel, among others. NeoLogic Systems is
located in Berkeley, California. Additional information about NeoLogic and
its products may be obtained via the web at: