MacXperts Releases X2O, 1.0.5 to Generate Dynamic HTML for Mac OS Web

RICHMOND, Virginia — April 24, 1997 — MacXperts, Inc. today announced the
release and immediate availability of X2O, version 1.0.5, a WebSTAR plug-in
that enables you to connect a Mac OS based Web server to any Oracle7
database. X2O was formerly known as WebX.

X2O generates World Wide Web pages on-the-fly from Oracle stored
procedures. It allows delivery of dynamic HTML pages and updates, while
also allowing sites to take advantage of the kind of technology that eases
site administration and management tasks. “This is the only Web-database
tool that allows heuristic processing” said William Tyler, President and
CEO of MacXperts, Inc. “This means when a query is sent to the database,
not only is an HTML page returned, but the program actually makes secondary
logic decisions based on the return from the query. You can’t do that with
other Web-database solutions” continued Tyler. X2O offers the full power of
PL/SQL to manipulate data and the ability to gather/serve data locally or
connect to a remote Oracle database on any platform via SQL*Net. No other
Web-database integration software for the MacOS provides this level of
control, flexibility and power.

X2O for WinNT and AIX is scheduled for release in July 1997.

MacXperts, Inc. has provided custom software solutions to information
technology and commercial customers since 1990. The company boasts a solid
track record of helping companies benefit from this technology — providing
not only the software but in many cases the programming services to help
make Web-database integration a success. Specializing in software
engineering, systems integration, systems support, custom Internet and
intranet solutions, creative services and documentation, MacXperts has the
resources and skills to bring vaporware concepts to software reality.