Vemedio has released an update to Snowtape
(,intuitive software for recording internet
radio. Snowtape enables the user to quickly find and record his or
her favorite music, add album artwork and exports it right into

“Snowtape is becoming a huge success for us.”, says Martin Hering,
founder of Vemedio. “And with the new version we show once again that
Snowtape is number one in its segment for user experience and ease of

Version 1.1 now integrates an Online Radio Directory and
automatically downloads new radio stations once they are available.
Over 750 radio stations has been added so far and much more will be
available soon.

What has been good now gets even better with the revamped user
interface for radio stations and audio tracks. Radio stations are now
much more easy to spot. The cover view for audio tracks can now be
scaled and better focuses on the album artwork itself rather than on
visual goodies.

A new preference panel makes room for much more options, like
automatically deleting commercials or relocating the database folder.

Snowtape also now tightly integrates into Spotlight. Users can search
for a radio station to play from anywhere thoughout the system. Upon
selection Snowtape will start playing the station right away.

Vemedio also also added full compatibility with the upcoming Mac OS X
10.6 Snow Leopard. Snowtape is available in English, German,
Japanese, French and Italian.

Snowtape costs US$29. It requires Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later, an Intel-
or PowerPC- based Mac with discrete graphics and a broadband internet