Quasar Knowledge Systems, (QKS) Inc., the leading Smalltalk vendor in the
Macintosh market with a PowerMac version available, announced that it will
release Windows 95/NT version of SmalltalkAgents in Q1 of 1997. This will
make SmalltalkAgents a cross-platform development tool of choice.
SmalltalkAgents is a dynamic, integrated development environment based on
QKS Smalltalk. In the process of developing a Windows version, QKS made
number of enhancements in its virtual machine to improve performance and

SmalltalkAgents is known for providing close integration to the host OS
functionality. Its Mac version makes toolbox routines a trivial task. Its
Windows 95/NT version will bring the same functionality to developers.
SmalltalkAgents also allows developer to integrate their resources written
in any other language via dynamic linking library mechanism.

For more information, check http://www.smalltalkagents.com.