Plug-And-Play Data Acquisition For Mac OS X
January 18, 2005

VVI today announced the release of DAQ Plot version 9.7.1, which adds
plug-and-play low-cost and high-precision data acquisition hardware in
addition to many advanced processing features. John Brilhart, Chief
Technical Officer of VVI, made this statement:

“DAQ Plot is the quickest and easiest way to view data from sensors and
laboratory equipment with voltage connectors. Simply plug the
accompanying data acquisition hardware into your computer’s USB
connector and DAQ Plot is ready to use it. With DAQ Plot, engineers
better understand their process and manufacturing systems, scientists
gain easy access to their research data and educators and students
demonstrate and learn about voltage and electrical concepts. Because of
its ease of use, power and versatility DAQ Plot is applied to many
situations to give immediate and highly interpretable output. Now with
both low-cost and high-precision hardware it is even more applicable to
a variety of projects.”

DAQ Plot version 9.7.1 adds these new features:

– Plug-and-play USB DAQ hardware. Plug in one or more of the standard
or pro hardware devices and DAQ Plot is ready to use them.

– Real-time backup of collected data so, for example, if the computer
looses power the data is still there, can be automatically restored and
acquisition can auto start again after boot.

– A real-time streaming data logger so other process, custom
applications, CGI and Web applications can access data from the

– Real-time data processing such as bin and running averages, trigger
detection, counters and speed computation.

– Channel scatter remapping and channel state setting so the channels
on DAQ devices can be used more effectively.

– Three interface styles from easy to advanced. Choose easy for
uncluttered controls or advanced for useful professional features.

– User interface that alters according to the hardware connected to the

Pricing And Availability

DAQ Plot is available immediately and includes USB DAQ device hardware.
To purchase DAQ Plot or for additional information call 888-VVI-PLOT or

Professional services that include the Vvidget Pro frameworks and data
automation and measurement hardware and integration services are
available directly from VVI. For additional information call
888-VVI-PLOT or email

For additional information see:

About VVI: VVI is a privately held corporation founded in 1989. VVI’s
customers are world-leading companies in the banking, biotechnology,
chemical, financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical
industries. Systems that VVI helped build have been operational for
years and at this time are monitoring billions of dollars worth of
products in real time and on a global scale. These systems are, in
part, based on VVI’s Vvidget Pro and Peer Visual products.