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ASi releases PKZIP DCL for the Power Macintosh. Developers are able
to incorporate PKZIP implode and explode capabilities into their
programming. The PKZIP DCL provides a library of routines for the
compression and decompression of data on a Macintosh or Power Macintosh. It
allows programmers to compress and decompress data using their own file
handling routines to read and write their data.
Other features include all purpose patented data compression
algorithm that compresses both ASCII and binary data quickly, application
controlled input/output and memory allocation for the utmost flexibility,
and adjustable dictionary size that allows the software to be fine tuned for
maximum speed or compression.
ASi is the global leader in compression solutions. Their line of
compression utilities includes such names as PKZIP, MultiZip, NetSqueeze,
and Nico Mak Computing Inc.s WinZip, and supports the following platforms:
AS/400, DOS, Macintosh, MVS, NetWare, OS/2, UNIX, VMS, VSE, and Windows.
For more information on ASis product line contact ASi at 9009 Springboro
Pike, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342, phone 937-847-2374, fax 937-847-2375,