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Aug 24
[NPL] Flash Viewable by 83% of Web Users
Macromedia has made two announcements this morning: - MACROMEDIA FLASH CONTENT VIEWABLE WORLDWIDE BY 83 PERCENT OF WEB USERS - MACROMEDIA INTRODUCES FLASH PLAYERS FOR UNIX Below is a brief summary of each announcement. To read each release in its entirety, go to the Macromedia press room at MACROMEDIA FLASH CONTENT VIEWABLE WORLDWIDE BY 83 PERCENT OF WEB USERS Survey by Independent Web Research Firm Confirms Flash As Web Standard For Delivery Of High-Impact, Vector-Based Web Sites San Francisco, CA -- August 24, 1999 -- Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced the results of a study by NPD Online Research, the parent company of Media Metrix, an independent research organization which found more than 83 percent of Web browsers worldwide had the Flash Player installed, enabling Web surfers to view Flash content without needing to download and install a player. Flash is the standard for creating high-impact, vector-based...
Aug 24
[NPL] GRiNS for SMIL: Authoring System for Streaming Media
Oratrix Development BV GRiNS for SMIL WILL TRANSFORM MULTIMEDIA WEB AUTHORING Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 30, 1999) - Oratrix Development BV today announced the release of GRiNS for SMIL V1.0, a unique authoring and presentation system for local and streaming media on the Web. GRiNS/SMIL allows content providers to create adaptive multimedia productions that tailor content to the needs and resources of the user community. Working together with RealNetworks RealSystem G2, GRiNS provides access to the full capabilities of the SMIL language on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX systems. Users on all these platforms can finally design multimedia presentations with adaptive content. According to Dick Bulterman, founder and managing director of Oratrix Development, "GRiNS/SMIL will transform Web multimedia from a one-size-fits-all paradigm to one in which the needs, resources and capabilities of individual users can determine the quality and content provided inside a...
Aug 24
[NPL] Anarchie 3.6.1
We found a last minute problem with the new Anarchie 3.6 that absolutely had to be corrected. The version control system was waiting until the old engine comes online, and as the old engine no longer exists, it's going to be waiting for quite a while... The updated Anarchie 3.6.1 is available from: The above URL is a permanent link - feel free to point links directly at it. The old FTP link to is no longer available. Regards, Andrew. -------------- Perth, Western Australia -- 24 Aug 1999 -- Stairways Software Pty Ltd, today announced the release of Anarchie 3.6.1 - the new version of the premiere Macintosh Internet engine. Version 3.6.1 boasts new carbonized FTP & HTTP functionality with transfer speed increases of as much as 30% on 3.5. Anarchie 3.6.1 now offers the fastest Internet file transfer speeds of any client available on the Mac OS platform! NB: Anarchie 3.6.1 is a complete replacement of all...
Aug 23
[NPL] Fresh Start 1.0
Fresh Start goes Final -- Version 1.0 launched. August 24 1999 -- Murray Yar IT today posted the final version of Fresh Start, a program designed for shared Macintoshes. Fresh Start restores a Macintosh's configuration -- preferences, PRAM and some system settings -- to a standard state at each restart. Fresh Start is aimed at workplace, school, library, stores -- wherever Macs are shared. Advanced home users may also appreciate its features. "Macintoshes are great personal computers" said Mike Hayes, speaking for Murray Yar. "But they are surprisingly difficult to share effectively. Fresh Start addresses one crucial part of the sharing problem -- maintaining a machine's configuration. Fresh Start restores a machine's configuration at every restart, giving users a uniform working environment each time they start to use a shared machine. At the same time, all the flexibility of the Macintosh is at the user's disposal." "By delivering uniformity while maintaining full flexibility,"...
Aug 23
[NPL] Funnel Web 3.5.2
Active Concepts today announced the release of Funnel Web 3.5.2 a minor revision to the leading Web Analysis application for MacOS, Windows and Unix. Version 3.5.2 has a number of minor improvements, such as a decrease in memory requirements when performing multidomain analysis and a 15% improvement in overall speed. Upgrades are free from version 3.0 and updaters can be downloaded from In related news Active Concepts also announced the opening of its San Francisco office at 59 Osgood Place to provide local support to its growing customer base as well as expand its sales and marketing operations in the United States.
Aug 23
[NPL] DiskLock Version 4.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Power On Software Makes the World a Safer Place DiskLock Offers File and Folder Locking and Encryption with a Single Mouse Click DiskLock Version 4.5 Now Protects Latest Mac OS Minneapolis - August 16, 1999 -- Power On Software announced today the immediate availability of a new release of "DiskLock" the world's number one Macintosh security utility. Recently acquired from Symantec Corporation, and formerly known as Norton DiskLock, the product has set the standard for Macintosh data security for the past ten years and offers users virtually unbeatable security with its one click file locking and encryption. DiskLock 4.5 provides support for the latest versions of the Mac OS, including 8.6. This update, the first under the Power On brand, also supports the iMac and the new G3 Blue and White Macintosh line. There is also support for multiple users on the same Macintosh with different security levels for each. In addition, SCSI and IDE drives, both fixed and...
Aug 22
[NPL] sLog 2.1.5
MESA, Arizona, -- August 22 -- Public Access Software today releases sLog 2.1.5. sLog is an easy-to-use monitoring software that can unobtrusively collect information about the performance of your Macintosh computer. sLog 2.1.5 can record the approximate time of crashes as well as up/down time durations for usage monitoring or diagnosing problems. sLog is distributed a FAT binary in US English only. Changes in version 2.1.5 of sLog: sLog 2.1.5 features new terminology and methodology that centers around a three level base-component system for viewing and manipulating the sLog Data File, collecting various information and the monitoring of various applications, the Mac OS or even hardware. sLog 2.1.5 also includes rebranding and the Public Access Software registration code system. sLog is distributed as ShareWare with a license fee of $15 USD. Additional information for sLog and software distributions can be accessed from: ( Tim Mityok -...
Aug 20
[MD1] Bitwise 2.2 Calculator
For immediate release: Bitwise 2.2 is now available. August 20, 1999 - Eric Curtis announces the latest release of Bitwise. Bitwise 2.2 is a versatile, yet easy to use calculator with many unique features specifically designed for programmers of personal computers and microprocessors. Bitwise 2.2 is actually two calculators in one; with independent registers for integer and floating point math. New floating point math features include: + Engineering notation + More keyboard shortcuts + Various minor bug fixes Other features include: + Integer and floating point math + Hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary conversions + Integer word sizes of 8, 16, and 32 bits + Signed and unsigned integer modes + Sign-extension of registers + Complete set of logical and bitwise operators + Floating point mode supports fixed, scientific, and engineering notation + Backspace key + Pop-up stack register display with register selection + Undo last operation + Macintosh drag & drop support + Built-...
Aug 20
[NPL] Proteron announces N2MP3: Preview Mac Audio Encoder
For Immediate Release: August 20, 1999 Omaha, Nebraska - Proteron, LLC today announced the preview release of N2MP3, an easy to use, full featured MP3 encoder for the Mac OS. Targeted at iBook toting students and G3 addicted audiophiles, N2MP3 gives novice and technical users alike a powerful tool for bringing digital audio to their desktop. N2MP3 aims to be the best MP3 encoder available for the Macintosh. It simplifies encoding so that the novice iMac user can enjoy the benefits of MP3, yet provides high-end hi-fi quality for the veteran MP3 fan. N2MP3's key features include: - Seamless Drag-and-Drop encoding from audio compact discs - High quality, fast MP3 encoding engine with support for VBR - Play As You Encode(TM) technology - Live CDDB support for desktop naming of discs and tracks - Support for ID3v2 tags - Integration with Panic's recently announced Audion MP3 and CD player - CD ripping for lossless audio capture - encoded MP3 files have unlimited use N2MP3 contains the...
Aug 20
[NPL] FileMaker Training in Boston , D.C. and San Jose
The SCRIPTOLOGY FileMaker Hands-On Training Seminars * FileMaker Pro Demystified * 2 courses for serious FileMaker Pro 3.0/4.0 users, based on the popular Scriptology book and CD ROM from ISO Productions Course Content: FileMaker Pro Scripting and Calculations Locations: - Boston - Washington D.C. - San Jose ---- DATES: Upcoming INTERMEDIATE classes (see curriculum details below) - Sep. 13-15, 1999 (San Jose at FMI headquarters) - Sep. 20-22, 1999 (Boston/Wellesley) - Nov. 15-17, 1999 (Washington, D.C./Reston) Upcoming ADVANCED classes (see curriculum details below) - Sep. 16-17, 1999 (San Jose at FMI headquarters) - Sep. 23-24, 1999 (Boston) - Nov. 18-19, 1999 (Washington, D.C.) NOTE: It is possible to take both the intermediate and advanced scripting class with one trip. In fact, we encourage it with a $240.00 discount for anyone who takes both the intermediate and advanced scripting class. The fee for each class is $995.00. Each attendee receives a copy of...
Aug 19
[NPL] Anthro iCart
For immediate release ANTHRO INTRODUCES THE ANTHRO iCART Anthro Corporation, the Tualatin, Oregon based manufacturer of computer furniture announces the introduction of the new Anthro iCart. Designed to compliment the iMac computer, the iCart captures the whimsy of the iMac in both shape and color. Color-coordinated to match iMac computers, the Anthro iCarts are available in blueberry, strawberry, grape, lime, and tangerine, plus a futuristic silver metallic. You can mix and match accessories and color schemes. Anthro makes a Cup Holder, Accessory Shelf, and Document Tray in those fruit-inspired iMac colors. The iCarts come in a Short model with one shelf, or choose a Tall version with 2 shelves if you need a place for your printer or other peripherals. Like all AnthroCarts, iCarts roll easily on four 2 3/8" castors, come with height adjustable shelves in 1" intervals, and have a Lifetime Warranty. iCarts easily hold 75 lbs. and are shipped the next working day. Anthro Corp. was...
Aug 19
[NPL] Corel WordPerfect 3.5 for Macintosh -- FREE
Free Corel WordPerfect 3.5 Enhancement Pack For Macintosh Now Available for Download Ottawa, Canada August 19, 1999 Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE: COR) is pleased to announce that the free* download for Corel WordPerfect 3.5 Enhancement Pack for Macintosh is now available from its Web site ( Corel announced in July that it would make Corel WordPerfect 3.5 Enhancement Pack for Macintosh available as a free* download. Despite some minor incompatibilities with the latest release of the Mac OS, Corel believes that WordPerfect 3.5 for Macintosh continues to provide great value to the Macintosh community. Corel WordPerfect 3.5 Enhancement Pack for Macintosh, released in August, 1997, is the latest version of this product by Corel. The version that is available for download is a complete product and not just a patch, update or add-on pack to a previous version. This download offers new and existing customers a complete word-...
Aug 19
[MD1] Apple Help Software Development Kit
The Apple Help Software Development Kit is now available from: Apple Help is Apple's new help technology for use in Mac OS 8.6 and forthcoming OS releases. Apple Help provides a lightweight HTML rendering engine capable of displaying HTML 3.2 content together with integrated QuickTime media, AppleScript automation, and full-text searching based on Sherlock technology. The SDK includes technical documentation about the Apple Help system, the tools you need to create or convert to Apple Help, as well as sample implementations, a tutorial, and style guidelines. For additional information and other resources see: Mac OS Help Technology Web site (Note: The Web is not yet reachable, but will be active soon. The SDK is available now at the FTP site.) --The Apple Help team
Aug 19
[NPL] Traffic Report Beta 41
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Latest Traffic Report Beta Update Released Newest beta adds report caching for improved performance SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- August 19, 1999 -- Advanced Reality Communications today announced the latest in a series of major additions to Traffic Report, a software tool for the Macintosh that helps webmasters, marketers and designers visualize the activity that occurs at their web sites. Traffic Report b41 introduces the following new features: A Report Cache. The cache makes it possible to run daily month-to-date or year-to-date reports in the time Traffic Report takes to run a report on a single-day log. By activating the cache, TR will remember the report information it creates from your logs. In subsequent reports, TR just needs to read the portion of your logs that were added since its last report. Improved stability. Traffic Report is designed to be simple to use. Yet it produces sophisticated on-screen and HTML-based reports. Reports that answer, among other...
Aug 19
[MD1] Motorola's Semiconductor to Acquire Metrowerks
Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector Announces Intention to Purchase Metrowerks Inc. SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced that Motorola and Metrowerks Inc. (Nasdaq: MTWK; Toronto: MWK) have agreed that Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector will offer to acquire all of the outstanding common shares of software tools developer Metrowerks in an all cash bid at a price of U.S.$6.25 (approximately Cdn $9.25) per share, or approximately U.S.$95 million (approximately Cdn. $141 million) for the publicly traded, Canadian corporation. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Metrowerks designs, develops, markets and supports professional software development tools used by programmers to create software applications. Metrowerks' flagship product line, CodeWarrior consists of a suite of programming tools used by developers worldwide to create software in the C, C++, Java and assembly programming languages. CodeWarrior has more...
Aug 18
[NPL] Apple and Akamai Cement Strategic Agreement
For Immediate Release Apple and Akamai Reveal Apple Investment to Cement Strategic Agreement CUPERTINO, California and CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts-August 18, 1999-Apple and Akamai Technologies today announced further details of their strategic agreement regarding streaming media, as well as revealed an investment by Apple in Akamai. Announced in late July at Macworld Expo in New York City, the strategic agreement centers on the integration of Apple's QuickTime player and streaming server technology with Akamai's global Internet content delivery service to provide Macintosh and Windows users worldwide with one-click access to high-quality streaming video content. In addition to Akamai's integration of QuickTime servers into its network, Apple has selected Akamai as its exclusive network provider for QuickTime TV (QTV). To cement the partnership, Apple invested $12.5 million in June in Akamai, for approximately five percent of the shares of the company at the time the investment was made...
Aug 18
[NPL] Anarchie 3.6
Perth, Western Australia -- 18 Aug 1999 -- Stairways Software Pty Ltd, today announced the release of Anarchie 3.6 - the new version of the premiere Macintosh Internet engine. Version 3.6 boasts new carbonized FTP & HTTP functionality with transfer speed increases of as much as 30% on 3.5. Anarchie 3.6 now offers the fastest Internet file transfer speeds of any client available on the Mac OS platform! NB: Anarchie 3.6 is a complete replacement of all previous versions including Anarchie Pro 3.5, 3.0 and Anarchie 2.x/1.x. (The "Pro" extension has been dropped from the name.) New features in 3.6 (not in 3.5) include a new modern file transfer engine, HTTP Authentication for accessing password-protected web sites, the ability to test and report problems with Sherlock plugins, crash-proof transfer resuming, transfer progress icons and much more. Downloading Anarchie Anarchie 3.6 has been exclusively launched on CNET's Please download it via the following link: (http://...
Aug 18
[MD1] SuperCard-J 3.6
SuperCard-J 3.6 Released Chandler, Arizona - August 18, 1999. Chandler, Arizona-based IncWell DMG, Ltd, developers of the SuperCard advanced multimedia system and ModE Corporation of Japan announced the release of SuperCard-J 3.6, the first fully localized version of the SuperCard product. SuperCard is IncWell's flagship multimedia development system for multimedia designers and educators. SuperCard allows designers to create multi-windowed, frames-based, standalone presentations, allowing easy creation of presentations with a look and feel like a compiled Macintosh OS application. SuperCard Plug-in for MacOS and for Windows allows playback of SuperCard multimedia projects through the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer web browsers. ModE Corporation, IncWell's Japan republishing partner, introduced SuperCard to Japan earlier this year at MacWorld Expo Tokyo, offering a free upgrade to early adopters to the Japanese localized version. Proactive International, the international...
Aug 17
[NPL] eMerge 1.6
CUSTOMERIZE YOUR E-MAIL WITH EMERGE 1.6 Improved e-mailer moves beyond impersonal list servers and distribution lists TORONTO. August 17, 1999. You've got to work hard these days to find your customers, and you've got to work even harder to hold onto them. Especially now with your competition just a click away on the Internet. Sure, you've got your website broadcasting to anyone who wanders into range, and you probably send the odd announcement out to everyone on your mailing list, but what are you doing about the personal service that gives everyone exactly what they need and keeps your customers coming back? eMerge lets you move beyond cumbersome distribution lists and impersonal list servers by combining the power of bulk e-mail with the sophistication of e-mail merge. Product announcements. Passwords. Invoices. eMerge sends its messages directly to each customer, one at a time, personally and privately. ( And with eMerge 1.6, Galleon Software has...
Aug 17
[NPL] VSE Be Found 1.3
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - NetProLive VSE Be Found 1.3 - New version of the web site promotion tool Bonn, Germany, 17 August 1999. Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of a new version of their web site promotion tool VSE Be Found. VSE Be Found is a tool that has been developed to help web masters to obtain a high ranking of their web pages on search engines. The application creates and manages META tags, it has a built-in FTP client and it automatically submits web pages to the most important search engines. VSE Be Found also analyzes web pages and it gives individual tips on how to improve the ranking of the analyzed pages. NEW IN VSE BE FOUND 1.3 The new version fixes a major bug with the built-in FTP client. It also offers many minor improvements and adds the new search engine to the search engines it submits to. For further information about VSE Be Found 1.3 visit: -) DOWNLOAD AND DISTRIBUTION...
Aug 17
[MD1] Omikron Basic 6.32
P R E S S R E P O R T from August 17, 1999 New Release - Omikron Basic 6.32 from 16 August 1999 The new version of Omikron Basic is characterized by additional BASIC commands and new procedures and functions for the Extension Library. Furthermore, the MBASIC compatibility was significantly improved as well so that it is now possible to transfer old MBASIC programs to Omikron Basic with just a few manual adjustments. A complete overview over all changes can be found at A FREE DEMO VERSION can be downloaded from Or download the demo file directly by pointing your browser at: (2650 KB) All registered users can UPDATE FREE OF CHARGE via our Web site: - More Information about Omikron Basic is available at BERKHAN-SOFTWARE Entwicklung & Vertrieb Alt-Isenhagen 19 D-29386 Hankensbuettel Germany E-Mail: info@...
Aug 17
[NPL] VSE Web Site Turbo 3.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - NetProLive VSE Web Site Turbo 3.0 - Image and web page optimizer Bonn, Germany, 17 August 1999. Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) announced today the release of VSE Web Site Turbo 3.0, the successor of the award-winning VSE HTML Turbo 2.1. VSE Web Site Turbo is a tool that strips unneeded data from web pages, resulting in size reductions averaging from 20 to 50 percent based on content. It also optimizes JPEG and GIF images. The object of the application is to make web pages as fast as possible so that web surfers don't leave a web page before it has been loaded. The predecessor of VSE Web Site Turbo has received the Mac Now Editor's Choice Award, 4 stars from MacNN, 4 1/2 stars from ItaliaMac and 4 Stars from MacDownload. NEW IN VSE WEB SITE TURBO 3.0 The new version has a whole new user interface, it is about 3 times faster than the previous version, optimizes GIF and JPEG images by removing Macintosh specific information and comments and it creates a...
Aug 17
[MD1] SuperCard Tools and Services by Solutions Etcetera
PRESS RELEASE Solutions Etcetera 685 Placerville Drive Placerville, CA 95667 Tel: 530/644-7382 Fax: 530/647-8541 Internet: More Info: Internet home page SOLUTIONS ETCETERA TO PROVIDE FOCUS ON TOOLS AND SERVICES FOR SUPERCARD DEVELOPER MARKET. PLACERVILLE, CA - Aug. 17, 1999 - Solutions Etcetera, today announced a strategic partnership with IncWell DMG, Ltd., to provide new support services and products that gives professional SuperCard developers unprecedented access to information and technology to extend the powerful authoring tool. "Originally, we contracted with Solutions Etcetera to come on board to publish an updated printed reference for the SuperTalk language, which many of our developers had asked for. With IncWell's current primary focus on the educational market, it seemed the next logical step to rely on Solutions Etc.'s experience with professional developers, and their additional resources to focus on bringing...
Aug 17
[NPL] SecurePass 1.5
August 17, 1999. Highwinds Trading Company ( is pleased to release SecurePass (1.5), the archiving system for passwords and other security keys that uses modern encryption and cryptography. SecurePass is designed for the user who accesses secure network services or who deals with multiple passwords and keys that are difficult to secure, memorize, use, change, or keep track of. Download SecurePass via FTP at, or via "EmailFTP" at Version 1.5 is a major upgrade, not only fixing bugs, but adding new features that make it easy to keep your passwords safe and ready at a moment's notice. The download is a 90 day full-featured shareware demo. Registration is $15. Secure payment is included with the program. The purpose of SecurePass is: a. To give the user maximum password and passkey security, in a flexible and simple environment where one memorizes just one password and has direct access to web...
Aug 17
[NPL] BBEdit Lite 4.6 Now Available
BBEdit Lite 4.6 Now Available from Bare Bones Software Bedford, MA -- August 17, 1999 -- Bare Bones Software is pleased to announce an update to the premier free text editor for MacOS, BBEdit Lite 4.6. This new version of the hugely popular editor is ready for immediate download. The Editing Standard Since the first release of BBEdit Lite in 1993, its speed, power, and ease of use (including transparent cross-platform file format handling) have made it the premier freeware text editing platform for the Macintosh. It offers a wide variety of tools to make writing, editing, processing, or searching any type of text content as quick and easy as possible. Same As It Ever Was, Only Better BBEdit Lite has always used the same high-performance text processing engine that makes the commercial version of BBEdit the ultimate HTML and text editor. BBEdit Lite 4.6 builds on this same solid foundation, while adding more features and conveniences over previous Lite versions. Among the most visible...
Aug 16
[NPL] PowerEmulator: Blue Labels PC Emulator
For immediate release Contact: Sergey Bobrov +7-095-538-6564 DISCOVER THE ENTIRE PC SOFTWARE WORLD ON YOUR MACINTOSH. Lismore Software Systems Ltd. has released Blue Label PowerEmulator version 1.5, a program that allows Macintosh users run PC applications on their computers. Mac owners sometimes need to use PC software which is not yet available on Macs, so they can choose among three opportunities: Buying a PC, buying a PC emulation card, or buying emulation software. Buying emulation software is definitely the least expensive and quite an efficient way to use the software designed for PC. Blue Label PowerEmulator is an efficient PC emulator that allows you to run various types of PC applications on your Mac. With Blue Label PowerEmulator (BLPE) you can successfully install and use DOS, Windows, and Linux on your PowerMacintosh. BLPE is the first emulator that allows you to use Linux fully. You can also use Unix operation systems such RedHat, SuSe, Slackware, and others. Lismore...
Aug 16
[NPL] Drop Drawers Public Beta 2 Release
Sig Software is proud to announce the second public beta of Drop Drawers. Some genuine comments received from testers of the first beta : "While trying DropDrawers, I felt as if I was beta testing Mac OS 12" "You guys, with one little utility have rendered the Scrapbook, the Clippings, the tabbed folders, the Launcher, the Stickies and even the Clipboard... OBSOLETE" "It's just the sort of thing that ought to catch Apple's attention and be integrated into their core OS" Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else. Information in a drawer can be worked with. For example, styled text can be edited, applications and folders can be dragged onto, URLs can be opened and sounds and movies can be played. Public Beta 2 adds dozens of new features including live application and folder icons, QuickTime previewing, a built-in...
Aug 16
[NPL] AdKnowledge Proves Click Rates Ineffective
AdKnowledge Proves Click Rates Ineffective for Web Marketing Optimization Report Shows Little Correlation Between Click Rates and Conversion Rates; Online Marketers Need to Understand Real Drivers of Brand Awareness and Purchase Behavior Palo Alto, Calif. - August 16, 1999 - AdKnowledge today released its Q2 Online Advertising Report (OAR). This report is a compilation of Web advertising statistics and trend analyses gathered from the AdKnowledge System, and analyzed by the new AdKnowledge eAnalytics division. Together, the AdKnowledge System and eAnalytics enable marketers and agencies to measure, optimize and execute Web marketing campaigns. Leading the reports findings are statistics demonstrating that click rates have little value as indicators for return on investment (ROI) optimization because their correlation to conversion rates is so low. There has been a lot of talk lately about declining click rates, said AdKnowledge Vice President Steve Findley. This new data proves that...
Aug 13
[MD1] F-Script for Mac OS X Server
For immediate Release. Contact: Philippe Mougin August 13, 1999. FSCRIPT.ORG ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF F-SCRIPT FOR MAC OS X SERVER F-Script is the first open source scripting language specifically designed to leverage the unique capabilities of Mac OS X Server. F-Script is a high level, general-purpose scripting tool for power users and developers, which integrates perfectly with the native object model of MacOS X Server. Based on the most advanced object-oriented technologies, F-Script brings original features to Mac OS X Server, including a powerful Array Programming model. F-Script features also include: - Smalltalk-like syntax and concepts, including full block closure - total integration with Cocoa - the possibility to be used as a component through an Interface Builder palette or an API - object oriented user interface - user-friendly object persistence and distributed objects - custom class integration - 100 % object-oriented F-Script is...
Aug 13
[MD1] Software & Resource Guide for the Palm
This new, made with a Mac, FileMaker Pro, and Eudora illustrated, interactive, Pocket edition Software & Resource Guide for the Palm Computing Platform(TM) features over 100+ innovative and new solutions from developers around the world. See for details or download your copy directly from: Many thanks, Forever Macintosh, Trina Clickner Seattle, WA: tel: 206-923-0901 fax: 206-923-0902 Menlo Park, CA: tel: 650-321-4982
Aug 11
[NPL] Terry Morse GoClick Solves Web Browser Incompatibility
TERRY MORSE GOCLICK 3.0 SOLVES THE WEB BROWSER INCOMPATIBILITY PROBLEM - WITH ONE CLICK. Los Altos, CA - August 2, 1999 Responding to the demand for one web page to look the same on every browser and computer platform, Terry Morse Software today announces the release of Terry Morse GoClick 3.0. Over a year in development, this new product meets the increasing need for a simple, versatile web making tool that conforms to the most current HTML standards - while still maintaining a consistent appearance across browsers and platforms. "Terry Morse Myrmidon introduced one-click web publishing to the world," said Terry Morse, CEO. "Now with GoClick, we've put that one-click simplicity in a professional tool that even the most overworked webmaster will love." Prior to GoClick, making a Web page that looked similar across browsers and platforms was a laborious trial-and-error process. But thanks to GoClick's exclusive Wizzy-Web technology, one click of the print button converts any document...
Aug 10
[NPL] MetaCreations Announces Painter 6
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE METACREATIONS ANNOUNCES PAINTER 6, POWERFUL UPGRADE TO THE ULTIMATE PAINTING TOOL New Version of the World's Premier Natural-Media Software Offers Breakthrough Paint Technology, Updated Interface, Faster Performance Los Angeles, Calif., (SIGGRAPH), August 10, 1999 -MetaCreations Corporation (Nasdaq: MCRE), the Creative Web company, today announced Painter 6, the feature-packed upgrade to the world's indisputable leader for Natural-Media image creation, enhancement, retouching and compositing. Painter 6 features the next-generation of brush engine technology, as well as remarkable new capabilities to offer unprecedented realism and unlimited creative paint options. Enhanced ease-of-use via an updated user interface, significantly faster performance, superior tablet support, and better workflow integration through industry standard tools and file support make Painter 6 the must-have computer application for artists, graphic designers, and Web content creators....
Aug 10
[NPL] ShrinkWrap 3.5
ALADDIN SYSTEMS OFFERS FREE TRIAL OF SHRINKWRAP 3.5; UPDATED POPULAR DISK IMAGE UTILITY TRANSFORMS ANY DISK INTO A FILE FOR INTERNET TRANSMISSION OR DISTRIBUTION TO iMAC USERS New Version Incorporates Support For Apple's Segmented Images, HFS+ Disk Image Capabilities, Choice Of Copying Unused Blocks Of Files, Support For Navigation Services, And Interface Improvements Watsonville, CA-August 10, 1999- Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer of the worldwide compression and installation standards StuffIt(r) and InstallerMaker(tm), is proud to announce that ShrinkWrap 3.5 is now available. This new version easily creates segmented images and exact duplicate disk images for convenient disk distribution to iMac users via the Internet or for IS professionals for setting up Macs. Download ShrinkWrap and try it risk-free for 30 days: ( Who Uses ShrinkWrap? ShrinkWrap creates the exact icon placement of disks, the appearance of all windows, and the correct name...
Aug 10
[NPL] MacLinkPlus Deluxe 11.0 YES 2000
Press Release For Immediate Release Contact: Kristen Moriarty Phone: 203-268-0030 x3066 e-mail: MacLinkPlus Deluxe 11.0 YES 2000- Ready for the New Millennium August 10, 1999 Trumbull, CT- DataVi z(R) Inc. a leading maker of file compatibility products has begun shipping the next version of its award-winning MacLinkPlus(R) Deluxe product. MacLinkPlus Deluxe allows Macintosh users to translate between different applications, like Word 98 and AppleWorks(R). Version 11.0 adds new translators as well as updated decoding and decompression technology. For the last 15 years this product has been helping Mac users better communicate and exchange files with the Windows world. "Part of DataViz's success has been because we listen to our customers needs. This upgrade is a direct result of doing that. We have had countless requests for AppleWorks 5.0, as well as requests for the other translators that have been added in version 11.0. We are excited to release this...
Aug 09
[NPL] CommuniGate Pro Mail Server, Version 3.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stalker Announces Version 3.1 of the CommuniGate Pro Mail Server. Key Features: Multi-platform Support Industry-strength, highly scalable Administration via the Web Extensive multi-domain support Unique IMAP multi-mailbox features HTTP access to E-mail, built-in Web Mailer Extensive Anti-Spam techniques Mailing Lists with Web Access and Interactive Archive Search LDAP and ACAP Support Personal Web Pages with automated publishing Cluster Support MILL VALLEY, CA - August 9, 1999 - Stalker Software, Inc. today announced the version 3.1 of their hi-end CommuniGate Pro messaging system. CommuniGate Pro is a Unified Messaging Server which supports most major operating systems. CommuniGate Pro is recognized for its many features, high speed and reliability. Since its first commercial release in September 1998, Stalker has expanded...
Aug 09
[NPL] Launches "First Step" Partners...
REGISTER.COM LAUNCHES "FIRST STEP" PARTNERS PROGRAM For the First Time, E-Businesses of Any Size Can Get Customized, Co-Branded Domain Name Registration Services NEW YORK, NY -- August 9, 1999, Inc. (, the largest independent domain name registrar on the Internet, today launched the "First Step" Partner program, naming more than 20 Internet businesses as its initial partners. First Step Partners which include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web hosting companies, and other e-businesses will receive personalized, co-branded domain registration sites, providing their customers with the easiest and most comprehensive registration services available on the Internet. "For the first time in the history of the Internet, e-businesses have an alternative in who will register .com, .net and .org domain names for their customers," said Richard Forman, CEO and President of "Before de-regulation of this industry, small and medium on-line services...
Aug 08
[NPL] OmegaWindow+ 1.0
Announcing OmegaWindow+ 1.0 OmegaWindow+ !!! Quick, easy, and mouse-free control over open windows for Macintosh!!! WWW: E-mail: "I've been looking for software that could set window dimensions for years. I'm a graphic designer and my whole working method is based around this idea. OmegaWindow is extremely useful to me. I watch other computer users move windows around and constantly resize them trying to work, and I try to tell them that there is a much easier way." - Tom Bowling New OmegaWindow is now called "OmegaWindow+" (OmegaWindow plus) and the major changes are: *No OmegaWindow Config application. It works with a system extension alone. If you press "Option-Return" key, a pop-up dialog comes up and you can set shortcuts and template windows easily. This is a quick and better way of setting up OmegaWindow configuration. *Compatible with Mac OS 8.6. *Compatible with Kaleidoscope. *"Get Any Window" feature is implemented. This allows...
Aug 06
[MD1] AbbottChat For Sale
PRESS RELEASE Instant Messaging For Sale Pleasantville, NY -- Aug 6, 1999 Abbott Systems is seeking a buyer for AbbottChat, its private, point-to-point instant messaging technology. The product consists of Mac/Windows clients, Server and Chatbot. It is written in C++. Unlike most instant message programs, AbbottChat is designed for private, point-to-point personal AND business applications. It supports chat, file transfer and alert broadcast. More details and a FREE download can be found at: AbbottChat Clients AbbottChat Server AbbottChat ChatBot Interested parties should contact Ken Abbott at (, or call him at 914-747-3116. Abbott Systems Inc. Web Phone 1-800-552-9157, or 914-747-4201 Fax 914-747-9115
Aug 05
[NPL] PowerLogix Expands Product Line/Opens in Japan
POWERLOGIX EXPANDS ITS PRODUCT LINE AND ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF POWERLOGIX JAPAN FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUSTIN, TEXAS -- August 4, 1999 -- PowerLogix today announced that through a strategic alliance with MJSoft of Tokyo, Japan, PowerLogix will be opening its first international branch. "We at Powerlogix R&D, Inc. are very excited and proud to announce the opening of Powerlogix Japan. The Japanese market has always been very supportive of the Mac, and this will allow Powerlogix to expand its presence there while providing superior service and support," said Noelle Harris, Sales Director for PowerLogix, R&D. The Powerlogix Japan website,, will have product information, technical support information, and online ordering, translated for Japanese customers. PowerLogix Japan will also distribute PowerLogix products be through mail order and retail stores. In line with the international exposure and increased manufacturing capabilities,...
Aug 05
[NPL] MailProxy
Rockford Systems announces MailProxy, an innovative mail solution for Macintosh without apermanent connection to the Internet. You want to receive and send mail at high-speed, without useless connections to the Internet? You do not want to change your working habits? Your network contains at least one Macintosh? MailProxy is your mail solution ! RockFord Systems, a French based start-up specialized in electronic mail solutions, announces MailProxy, the first mail server for the Macintosh that does not require a permanent connection to the Internet. Developed to address the specific needs of small networks from 2 to 30 computers (small offices, schools, administration,), MailProxy is an innovative and unique solution offering a reliable, simple, and economical mail server. " As consultant for small companies, I often had to solve cost related issues raised by email. Since there was no real solution for the Macintosh, I decided to develop MailProxy, the first mail server for the...
Aug 04
[NPL] Aestiva Dev Tools for "Run-on-Any-Server" Web...
August 4, 1999 For Immediate Release Aestiva Releases Tools for Deploying "Run-on-Any-Server" Web Applications. Torrance, Calif.-- Aestiva, LLC announced this week a new family of tools for software developers interested in creating "run-an-any-server" Web-based applications. "Most developers develop for a single platform," says D.M. Silverberg, Aestiva Director of Technology. But no one server enjoys most of the market. Multi-platform products can reach up to three times the market than products developed for a single platform. Aestiva's new developer tools extend HTML/OS, a multi-platform software engine that runs on Unix, Windows and Macintosh Web servers. The tools include copy-protection software, tools to create demonstration packages, an installation builder and a package for issuing unlock keys. Until now, the HTML/OS engine has been most popular among those wishing to build advanced sites without CGI programming. Unlike CGI programming, HTML/OS designers control interactivity...
Aug 04
[MD1] Voodoo3 Developer Drivers
3DFX BROADENS COMMITMENT TO MACINTOSH MARKET New Drivers Enable Macintosh Developers To Deliver Applications for Voodoo3-Based Graphics Boards SAN JOSE, Calif., - August 5, 1999 - 3dfx Interactive Inc. (NASDAQ: TDFX) today announced that it has broadened its commitment to the Apple Macintosh market with the release of new Voodoo3(tm) developer drivers, available today at (( 6). The new drivers will enable leading game developers to create Macintosh versions of their best-selling Windows PC games and harness the power of Voodoo3-based graphics cards for the Mac. 3dfx also announced that Mactell Corporation (OTC BB: MTLL) and other leading Mac market board makers have licensed the award-winning Voodoo3 graphics accelerator chips for use in new Macintosh graphics boards. The boards are expected to be available later this year, and will deliver the fastest 3D graphics ever available for the Macintosh platform. "...
Aug 03
[NPL] Version Master Mac CGI 1.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Version Master Mac CGI 1.0 is a Powerful CGI Program That is Used to Display the Latest Macintosh Software Updates, Including Version Numbers and URLs. FOR FREE COPY: Download it from ( SCOTTSDALE, AZ - August 3, 1999 - Symmetry Software introduces its new Version Master Mac CGI, a freeware program available to all webmasters. The Version Master CGI allows webmasters to display, in real time, a listing of the latest Macintosh software updates on their web site. Along with updates, webmasters can also choose to display updated version numbers and company URLs. The CGI connects to Version Master's enormous Mac database (50,000+ titles in 50 countries). This database is continuously updated, providing the most comprehensive listing of updated Mac software anywhere. The version information can be displayed in the style of the webmaster's choosing, including tables, ordered, and unordered lists. URLs to the software sites and the...
Aug 03
[NPL] Actiontec 56K USB Call Waiting Modem
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ACTIONTEC USB CALL WAITING MODEM WILL SUPPORT MACINTOSH Unique USB Modem Keeps iMac, G3, and other Mac Computer Users In Touch Even When On-Line SUNNYVALE, CA (August 3, 1999)-- Actiontec Electronics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of data communication products, announced today the revolutionary Actiontec 56K USB Call Waiting Modem will support the iMac, G3, and other USB-equipped Macintosh computers. The modem's unique Call Waiting feature ensures users do not miss vital telephone calls while surfing the Web or checking e-mail. Using the Call Waiting Service available on most telephone systems, the modem monitors the phone line for incoming voice calls while the user is online. The user is notified when a call comes in, and has the option of ignoring the incoming voice call or picking up the call to see who is calling without disconnecting the Internet connection! The user then has the choice of accepting the incoming call or taking a message and remaining online...
Aug 02
[NPL] Sonnet Lowers Prices
SONNET DROPS PRICES ON G3 UPGRADES IRVINE, CALIFORNIA. August 3,1999. Sonnet Technologies, the leading manufacturer of performance upgrade products for Apple MacintoshTM computers, drops prices by as much as 20% on G3 processor upgrades. With such aggressive price reductions, Sonnet Technologies continues to lead the market with the best price/performance standard for G3 processor upgrades. Sonnets new lower prices are as follows: Crescendo G3/NuBus 266/1M $349.95 (was $399.95) Crescendo G3/NuBus 300/512K $349.95 (was $399.95) Crescendo G3/NuBus 300/1M $449.95 (was $499.95) The above cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models: - Power Mac 6100, 7100, 8100 - Performa 611X - Workgroup Server 6150, 8150, 9150 - Radius 81/110 - Power Computing Power 100, Power 120 Crescendo G3/PCI 300/1M $399.95 (was $499.95) Crescendo G3/PCI 333/1M $449.95 (was $549.95) Crescendo G3/PCI 400/1M $599.95 (was $699.95) The above cards are compatible with the following Macintosh...
Aug 02
[NPL] DSL Service Sold Online
For Immediate Release Wired Business' New Wired E-Business (W.E.B.) Direct Service First To Sell Commercial High Speed DSL Access On-Line Helps Small and Medium Sized Companies Quickly Order High-Speed Internet Access With a Click of a Mouse Wired Business Works With Cabletron and Covad To Provide Companies with Fast, Affordable Internet Access Via Web Site New York City, August 2, 1999 -- Wired Business today introduced its new Wired E-Business (W.E.B.) Direct service, the first high-speed Internet access service that enables small and medium sized companies to order Internet access directly from the web. Wired Business' W.E.B. Direct service enables companies to go on the web and easily configure and order all the hardware, software and services needed to secure a reliable, high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet connection. Previously, ordering a commercial DSL line could often be a time consuming and tedious process. The Wired Business service may include DSL circuits...
Aug 02
[NPL] HDF Import Plug-in v1.1 for Photoshop
For Immediate Release SCIENCE DATA PLUG-IN FOR ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Fortner Software provides low cost plug-in for seamless imports of science and remote sensing data into Adobe Photoshop Sterling, VA - August 2, 1999 -- Fortner Software, experts on the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) data model, announced today the availability of the Power Macintosh HDF Import Plug-in v1.1 for Adobe Photoshop for online purchase and download. The Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) is a scientific data format widely used by NASA and research labs worldwide. HDF was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) to store data, images, annotations and tables in binary, cross-platform, self-describing files. HDF makes it easier than ever before for scientists and engineers to share data across networks, platforms, and disciplines. "Fortner Software's goal is to make science and technical data accessible to anyone," said Ted Meyer, Chief Technology Officer. "The HDF Photoshop Plug-in...
Aug 02
[NPL] Consumer Entertainment
For more information contact: SHOCKWAVE.COM UNLEASHES THE NEXT WAVE OF CONSUMER ENTERTAINMENT SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. August 2, 1999 today launched a mass consumer interactive entertainment center at, wholly owned by Macromedia, Inc., breaks new ground by combining diverse forms of entertainment with online and offline play and new user control capabilities. The multi-dimensional entertainment hub offers an immersive entertainment experience for the community of millions of existing Shockwave Entertainment lovers, plus tens of thousands of new Shockwave downloaders who become members every day. shockwave.coms new interactive entertainment experience is enabled by an innovative new content development and distribution model and Macromedias advanced technologies. offers users a better entertainment experience through the combination of its cutting-edge web site at and two virtual on-screen devices...
Aug 01
[MD1] AppMaker CD #12
Grantham, NH - August 1, 1999 - Bowers Development announced that it is now shipping AppMaker CD #12. It is in the mail to all current subscribers, domestic and international. "Thanks again to user feedback, we've worked with real-world applications to find ways for AppMaker to do more of the programming job," said Spec Bowers, President of Bowers Development. - The generated code for modeless dialogs is more complete and automatic. Without any handwritten code, a dialog can display data from whichever window is frontmost or disable itself if no document window is active. - Users can define global application data and preferences data which will be instantiated automatically at startup. AppMaker will automatically create, open, read and write a Preferences file. - Generated applications call NavServices, if it is available, instead of Standard File. The generated code is "Carbon"-ready. - This release adds support for the few Appearance controls not previously supported: the...
Aug 01
[NPL] 1.1.1 1.1.1 -- the scripting utility for FileMaker 4 -- is now available. is a Mac-only utility designed specifically to make the transferring and re-entry of FileMaker scripts an easier one. with Interactive Mode and Automatic Field Selection is now available with support for 11 languages including English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese (although popup menus cannot yet display 2-byte characters), Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Dutch. A new installer and updater can be downloaded from the download page at: ( For more information, please visit the web site at ( or contact Gregory at (
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