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May 21
iScooper 1.1
Inventive, Inc. announces the release of iScooper 1.1, an automatic media downloading application for Mac OS X. iScooper enables users to automatically download and browse batches of pictures much faster and much more conveniently than they can with conventional web browsers. iScooper is designed to work with web pages that contain many links to pictures--for example, a celebrity web page that contains several links to photos of the celebrity. iScooper can take a web page like this and automatically download all the linked photos on it. Once they've been downloaded, they can easily be viewed in a full-screen slideshow right from within iScooper. What's new in version 1.1: - added ability to reload downloaded items - any duplicate pictures in a picture set are automatically ignored now - fixed a bug that would occur when trying to scoop password protected web pages - the contents of the address area now changes to reflect the selection in the picture list - provided...
May 21
NetNewsWire 1.0.2 and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.3
Ranchero Software releases NetNewsWire 1.0.2 and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.3 Seattle, WA, USA -- May 21, 2003 -- Ranchero Software is pleased to announce updated versions of NetNewsWire, the easy-to-use RSS Web news reader for Mac OS X, and its freeware version, NetNewsWire Lite. These are the first updates since NetNewsWire won first place in the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Contest. ( innovators.html) NetNewsWire 1.0.2 was released last week and features three main changes (since 1.0.1): the news reader is faster, numerous bugs were fixed, and there are new weblog editor features for Movable Type and Radio UserLand users. NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.3 was released Tuesday. NetNewsWire Lite offers most of the news reader features of the full version, but doesn't include the additional weblog editor and notepad. The new version includes all the relevant bug fixes from the recent release of the full version of NetNewsWire. NetNewsWire is...
May 20
dot software ships Aquaruler 4.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAY 20,2003 - dot software is pleased to announce the release of Aquaruler 4.2. Aquaruler is a multipurpose screen measuring utility for Mac OS X and it has a wide range of features. Aquaruler also measures in a variety of units. It can be useful to all sorts of designers, programmers, and other people who use their mac for productive purposes. Key Features: - Edge ruler - Mouse XY coordinates - Drag ruler - Measure box - Resolution box - Screen Guide Lines - Full screen Cross hair - Customizable Pixels per Inch - Zoom - Angle Tool - Zap Ruler What's new in 4.2: -Angle measuring tool -wide and narrow Zoom views -ability to copy the color underneath the mouse via a hot key with the Zoom tool -Y Direction can be reversed (perfect for Cocoa programmers!) -The box measuring tool can now show it's full coordinates rather than just width and height. Several coordinate options are available. -New pixels per inch options -general bug fixes and enhancements More...
May 20
VVI Updates Interface Builder Graph Palette
VVI Updates Interface Builder Graph Palette State College, PA USA, 20 May 2003: VVI today announced an update to its Interface Builder Graph Palette. The improvements include: Templates: Graphs, charts and diagrams start out as template documents that can be edited with Vvidget Builder and stored in your own configuration folder. That template is then retrieved and modified by the attributes you assigned within the Interface Builder implementation and your application. By setting up multiple template folders a user of the palette can customize styles for different purposes while maintaining the efficiency and ease of use within Interface Builder. Bar And Column Chart Labels: The bar and column chart axis labels can now be assigned text labels, whereas before they were fixed or numeric only. Format Types: The chart types accept more formats, color tables, and solid color types. Distributed Processing: The implementation accesses multiple servers, possibly on different computers, in...
May 20
ActiveDeveloper v2.12
NEWS For Immediate Release: For further information, please contact: InterACTIVE-Technology ActiveDeveloper v2.12 -- IDE Released for MacOS X 10.1 and 10.2 May 2003 -- Vestbjerg, Denmark -- Today InterACTIVE-Technology released version 2.12 of ActiveDeveloper for MacOS X 10.1 and 10.2 - our Runtime Objective-C & C IDE, JIT compiler and Debugger with support for Cocoa. The ActiveDeveloper IDE cuts your API learning curve and allows incremental Development of any Project. With ActiveDeveloper you get a Runtime Object IDE allowing you to build NATIVE apps and servers directly at Runtime while they run. Thereby bringing you a whole lot closer to the Objects you work with ... ActiveDeveloper version 2.12 responds to user requests with a lot of improvements on the user interface. It now has a much better fit with the Aqua desktop. The upgrade is free for all current users and based on test feedback we can encourage...
May 20
File Stitcher v1.0
Pariahware Releases File Stitcher v1.0 Enables Files to be Merged Quickly and Easily RALEIGH, North Carolina (May 20, 2003) -- Pariahware has released v1.0 of File Stitcher, a MacOS X utility that gives users an easy way to merge files together. File Stitcher is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc. Simply drag and drop files onto the File Stitcher icon and click the button in the main window . File Stitcher is shareware and only costs $5.00 to register. A 30-day trial period is included. Please contact Pariahware at: For additional information, please visit these links: Home Page: Program Home Page: Screen Shot: Thumb nail: Direct download: Buy now:
May 20
KuebSite 1.5.1
Enables Rapid Development and Rapid Content Updates of Web Sites MALAGA, Spain (May 21, 2003) -- Kualo Software announces an update of KuebSite, the application for the creation of web sites. The version 1.5.1 adds a Dutch localization and a few bug fixes. KuebSite is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc. The power of KuebSite lies in the fact that it is not a web design application, nor an HTML editor, but a database-drive automatic web site builder. Since KuebSite uses templates for building web sites, if you wish to change to look of your web page in minutes, simply choose a different template. This revolutionary system for building web sites free the users from the complex part of the design process, so you can get your web page built in minutes. Some of the new features of the new version include styled text, QuickTime and Flash videos, as well as a label generator that enables you to create navigation bars very easily. It is available for Mac OS 9 (with CarbonLib) and Mac...
May 19
24U SimpleHelp Plug-In for FileMaker
Monday, May 19, 2003 One of the most desired FileMaker plug-ins is finally available! 24U Software today releases 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In, a tool for implementing help tags in FileMaker solutions. Finally, FileMaker solution developers can simply get help that appears as they move the mouse pointer over objects. What is 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In? This FileMaker plug-in enables solution developers to define help tags (tool tips) for layout objects and controls, such as data fields, buttons, pictures etc. Help tag is a brief text message (help, tip, description) that appears when you move the mouse pointer over an object or a hot rectangle. This way, 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In allows developers to create FileMaker solutions with an intuitive user interface! More info: Download: Primary functions of 24U SimpleHelp Plug-In: - Attaches help tags to user interface elements - Increases productivity of users -...
May 19
Alfred 1.5
Alfred 1.5 A shortfall of Mac OS X has just gone. Alfred is an easy to use, customizable, universal plug-ins manager. Inspired from Mac OS 9's Finder and Extensions Manager, taking care of Mac OS X specificities, it improves user experience to install, remove and manage any kind of plug-ins like screen savers, preference panes, fonts... or anything else. Main features include: - Easy plug-in installation and removal. - Dedicated user interface synthesizing installed plug-ins. - Useful plug-in management functionalities. - Customizable rules. This update focuses on making the application more user friendly, adds numerous new features and fixes a few bugs. - The rules have been extended with an icon and an overview. The overview describes the role of the plug-ins and should help novice users. Moreover, the name and the overview are now localizable (French localization has been added for built-in rules). - Many user interfaces have been renovated. The rule editors have been replaced by a...
May 18
MacHack 18: Unstoppable
MacHack 18: Unstoppable MacHack: By Developers, For Developers May 19, 2003-Dearborn, MI- Times change. Economics. Politics. War. Schedules. Conflicts. One thing is for sure: MacHack 18 remains a go. The sessions program is strong. The keynote is compelling. The volunteers and planning committee are moving forward. MacHack is Unstoppable. "We've kept working despite all the changes around us," said Dave Koziol, Conference Chairman. "It was just so clear what the theme should be: MacHack: Unstoppable" Mindful of the inevitability of their own conference and the unstoppability of it all, the committee looked for a suitable symbol for things that keep moving no matter what. It turned out that the committee needed look no further than their own Mac screen. Apple's own "busy cursor" is the inspiration for this year's MacHack theme element, the SPoD or "Spinning Pizza of Death". "It was obvious," said Allon Stern, MacHack Theme Coordinator. "With OSX, your Mac keeps...
May 18
VRTools ships version 1.2.2 of deliVRator
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VRTools ships version 1.2.2 of deliVRator Sydney, Australia, May 18th, 2003 --- VRTools today announced the immediate availability of deliVRator 1.2.2, confirming its commitment to the worldwide community of QuickTime VR content producers. deliVRator is a QuickTime movie editor for Macintosh offering the most effective way to optimize web delivered QuickTime movies. It maximizes interactivity for enhanced user experience of the movie while downloading within the browser. Optimized movies can be tested immediately, at any connection speed, with the emulated network connection. In addition, deliVRator is a unique editor of low-level movie control structures, QuickTime AtomContainers, and exportable image data. The new version features include: carbonized to run on Mac OS X, cubic QTVR optimization, a Movie Security Manager that protects movies from unauthorized modification while securing the intellectual property rights of content developers, and improved media...
May 18
TelnetLauncher v 2.5.6 and ScreenShot Plus v1.0.3
piDog Software announces TelnetLauncher v 2.5.6 and ScreenShot Plus v1.0.3. TelnetLauncher is a bookmarking utility for launching telnet and ssh sessions using Apple's Terminal application. TelnetLauncher has received praise for it's simplicity and ease of use allowing users to quickly configure remote login sessions with setting from terminal colors to passwords. It even makes configuring remote and local port forwardings a breeze. The latest version adds the ability to save sessions as double-clickable shortcut files for use in launchers and other organizational tools. TelnetLauncher is shareware and users are encouraged to pay what they feel is a fair price, $20 is suggested. TelnetLauncher can be downloaded from ScreenShot Plus is an enhancement to Mac OS X's built in screencapture tool normally accessed by pressing shift-cmd-4. ScreenShot Plus is activated by pressing shift-cmd-2 and uses apples screencapture tool to do the capture. Users can toggle...
May 16
Blue World Ships FMP2MySQL Kit
BLUE WORLD SHIPS FMP2MYSQL KIT Free kit speeds process of converting FileMaker Pro solutions to MySQL Bellevue, WA--May 15, 2003--Blue World Communications, Inc.--pioneers of the Web Data Engine(tm)--today shipped the FMP2MySQL Kit. The free kit includes tools and tutorials for converting FileMaker Pro solutions to MySQL. The kit is designed to make it extremely easy for novice users to migrate Web-bound FileMaker Pro solutions to MySQL. "Our customers have been clamoring for an easy way to migrate their FileMaker Pro Web solutions to MySQL so that they can reap the significant rewards of using an industrial strength database built from the ground up with the performance, reliability, and flexibility required for any 24/7 Web-based operation," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World. "The FMP2MySQL Kit squarely delivers on this need." "This kit will save countless hours and headaches for those making this conversion," said Mr. Doerrfeld. "After having performed multiple like...
May 14
Softpress Freeway Family Of Products Expands With 3 New Offerings
Softpress Freeway family of products expands with three new offerings Revolutionary Web site design application moves up to a new level of functionality, power and accessibility Oxford, United Kingdom - May 12th, 2003 Softpress has announced three additions to its revolutionary Freeway range of Web-authoring products: Freeway Pro, Freeway Express and its new FAST Pack technology. "We've made a real effort to identify the needs of the market", commented Managing Director Richard Logan. "Whether you make your living on the Web or simply want to design your own sites, we've got a powerful solution at the right price." Freeway Pro For the professional user, Freeway Pro 3.5 provides an improved user experience, extra functionality and a choice of one free FAST Pack. It is obtainable as a download upgrade by owners of Freeway 3.x. The SRP of Freeway Pro 3.5 is $249 and the upgrade from Freeway 3.x is $63. Both include one of the new FAST Packs. Freeway Express For the consumer market,...
May 13
PDFlib 5.0 support for Realbasic with MBS Plugin 3.2pr17
To: Web8REALbasic@The Monkeybread Software Realbasic plugin includes from version 3.2pr17 on the popuplar pdf library in version 5.0 in it's Pro part. The PDF library from is a crossplatform way to create pdf files. You can choose between the open source library and a commercial version of the library which includes some pdf import functions. The original PDFlib manual and their license files are included with the Pro part of the plugin. Of course there is also a plugin in the MBS Plugin collection to read and write PDF files on Mac OS X using Coregraphics. About the plugin collection: The MBS Plugin collection includes currently (3.2pr22) 95 plugins which add over 4800 functions, properties and events to Realbasic (including over 280 classes). The plugin is offered as a package for 40 Euro to private/shareware developers and for 80 Euro to commercial/company users. Links: Main plugin page: ( Follow the link to the...
May 13
Shh 1.0
SMILEY HAPPY SOFTWARE RELEASES SHH 1.0 Henrico, VA -- May 13, 2003 -- Yesterday Smiley Happy Software released Shh 1.0 for Mac OS X. Shh is a status-bar menu that executes user-specified BSD commands and displays the output as menu items to be read or copied to the Clipboard. These commands will typically be used for obtaining customized status information updated with every use. Shh is unique because it is not limited to what is already programmed into it. With the proper command sequence, one can obtain virtually any sort of status information and keep it just a mouse click away. Users can enter any commands supported by their systems, whether they are supplied by Apple or installed separately. Shh passes commands to the Bourne shell for execution, so it supports shell operators such as pipes ("|"). Shh costs US$5.00 and is available for download at . Mac OS X v10.2 or higher is required. For additional information or a sample copy, visit http://...
May 13
Symantec Mac Internet Security Products Updated
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SYMANTEC'S NEW NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 3.0 FOR MACINTOSH WILL SAFEGUARD MAC USERS WITH ENHANCED VIRUS PROTECTION, NEW WEB CONTENT FILTERING CUPERTINO, Calif. - May 13, 2003 - Symantec (Nasdaq: SYMC), the world leader in Internet security, today announced Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh, the world's most complete Internet security solution for the Macintosh platform. The latest version of the market-leading software suite, which is scheduled to be widely available in June, will now include a new parental control feature that blocks Web sites that are inappropriate for viewing by children. Norton Internet Security 3.0 for Macintosh will also include the newest version of Norton AntiVirus 9.0 for Macintosh, which now will have the ability to find and repair Windows/PC-compatible viruses, offering users protection from the most common type of viruses and helping them to avoid infecting friends and colleagues. "With so many Mac users capitalizing on the...
May 12
Whistle Blower 3.1
Monday, May 12th 2003. James Sentman is proud to announce the release of Whistle Blower 3.1. Whistle Blower is an enterprise server monitor, functional testing and restart utility for the Macintosh. In addition to standard network connectivity tests like a ping, Whistle Blower connects to your services as a client and verifies that they are available and operating properly. The response to an outage can be a simple email or page, all the way up to power cycling the server via a PowerKey or Master Switch. Whistle Blower's powerful shift notification features make sure that the tech who is on call the night of the outage is the one who gets the page while ignoring your scheduled downtime. Whistle Blower 3.1 has over 26 specific server types that it can connect to directly, including but not limited to web servers and SSL web servers, File Maker, Radius authentication, DNS, 4D and FTP. Version 3.1 adds a new "Email Cycle" check that sends a test email via SMTP and then waits to receive...
May 12
Ovolab releases AAChoo, the new AAC converter for the Mac
For immediate release Ovolab releases AAChoo, the new AAC converter for the Mac. Torino, Italy (Europe) - May 12, 2003 Ovolab(tm) today released AAChoo(tm), the new essential utility for every music listener. Ovolab AAChoo easily converts all your MP3 songs to AAC, the new high-quality compact audio format at the core of MPEG-4. With a simple drag-and-drop interface and complete control over every encoding parameter, Ovolab AAChoo can rip any audio file or movie soundtrack into MPEG-4 format. AAC technology offers the best-sounding audio on the Internet and Ovolab AAChoo will allow every music maniac to quickly convert his entire library, keeping song tags and folder hierarchies unaltered, as well as automatically updating the iTunes Music Library. "There's more that this to Ovolab AAChoo," says Alberto Ricci, CEO of Ovolab. "You can use it to encode movie soundtracks into a compact and high-fidelity format for faster distribution on the Internet." "As easy as it gets," claims Alberto...
May 11
Apimac Address Book 5.2 for both Mac OS X and Mac Classic
Apimac Address Book 5.2 for both Mac OS X and Mac Classic Apimac is proud to announce Apimac Address Book 5.2, the latest release of its telephone and address application, fully integrated with Internet and Mac OS X. New in this version is the support for Apple Mac OS X Address Book's instant messenger fields (AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo), the Back-up Database and Revert to Database back-up commands to handle back-ups easier, the Sync functionality includes a safeguard alert with four levels of safety, the ability to set up the port for dialing at the Modem preference panel, cards can be independently listed and sorted by First or Last Name, the Title and Suffix field names can be longer, and the Notes field can now hold up more text. Apimac Address Book is a practical telephone and address application that allows you to manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs, and Email addresses, quickly and easily. All this information, previously scattered on notes, notepads, diaries, phone books,...
May 08
MacAT v6.6 released. Cron for MacOS 8/9/X
MacAT - The leading automated task scheduling application for Macintosh server administrators. New MacAT v6.6. - Multiple Weekly, Monthly and Yearly tasks are now scheduled more reliably MacAT is a "cron" task scheduling application for Macintosh server administrators. It is a PowerPC or carbon application that allows more than 42 of the most common MacOS tasks to be run daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly without user intervention. These scheduled tasks include: Launching Applications, Files and AppleScripts; Quitting individual applications or alternatively quitting all currently running processes; Rename and Delete any File or Folder; Hide and Show applications, Mount remote AppleShare volumes; Copy Files or Folders to mounted AppleShare volumes; Unmount nominated AppleShare volumes; Restart or shutdown the Macintosh, eject Zip disks and send eMail. $49 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia Cheers, Dr Gerard Hammond Bioinformatic Analyst Garvan...
May 08
Alsoft Releases DiskWarrior 3.0 for Mac OS X
Alsoft Releases DiskWarrior 3.0 for Mac OS X Native Directory Rebuilding Houston, TX -- May 7, 2003 -- Alsoft, Inc. today introduced DiskWarrior 3.0, an upgrade to its award-winning utility that adds several new major features including native Mac OS X directory rebuilding for Mac OS X Extended disks, as well as disks running under earlier versions of the Mac OS. Also new to this version are significant speed improvements, support for journaling, and a component that uses a drive's built-in S.M.A.R.T. technology to monitor drive hardware, giving users the opportunity to back up data when hardware is in danger of failing. This new version retains its ability to compare the existing directory with the rebuilt one, showing users which files and folders have been affected by directory damage before any changes have been made to their disks. In addition, DiskWarrior can generate a graph for users to visually determine the state of fragmentation of their directory. Directory fragmentation...
May 08
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's Worldwide Developers...
Steve Jobs to Kick Off Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2003 CUPERTINO, California-May 8, 2003-Apple(r) today announced that Steve Jobs will kick off its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote on Monday, June 23, 2003, beginning at 10:00 a.m. (PDT) at San Francisco's Moscone West. The five-day event, which runs from June 23-27, will feature more than 170 scheduled in-depth technical sessions with new content designed to serve a wider range of Mac(r) developers, including a dedicated track for QuickTime(r) developers and content creators. Other activities at Apple's WWDC 2003 include: * WWDC's first Enterprise IT Track specifically designed for enterprise developers, system administrators and IT managers so they can fully leverage the open source and open standards approach at the base of Mac(r) OS X, Mac OS X Server and Xserve(r) technologies; * a completely new QuickTime Track for developers and content creators looking to exploit the power, quality and...
May 08
Aladdin Knowledge Systems' HASP Links to .NET Programs
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aladdin Knowledge Systems' HASP Links to .NET Programs Introduces greater security and flexibility for .NET developers CHICAGO, May 8, 2003 -- Responding to the growing market for ..NET applications, Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALDN) today announced it has introduced a new HASP .NET Assembly to more simply integrate application security for developers building software in the ..NET environment. Aladdin's HASP .NET Assembly provides simple and efficient linking to all ..NET languages and supports new industry standards that ensure that code based on .NET can integrate with any other code. It also strengthens safe code execution in the .NET framework so developers can be assured that their products and revenues are protected in today's highly distributed Internet environment. "With HASP's .NET Assembly," says Avi Barir, Aladdin's vice president, Software Commerce, "developers moving to the object-oriented .NET framework can seamlessly integrate HASP's...
May 07
IP in menubar 1.0
Hi, IP in menubar 1.0 Shows the current IP of your Mac in the top right area of the menu bar. Requires Mac OS X 10.2. All freeware applications: ( The IP in menubar website: ( Mfg Christian
May 07
PeopleSoft First to Support Apple Safari Browser
PeopleSoft First to Support Apple Safari Browser PeopleSoft Expands Commitment to Open Source LAS VEGAS - May 7, 2003 - Today at its 2003 Leadership Summit, PeopleSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: PSFT) announced that it is the first enterprise applications vendor to announce plans to certify Apple's open source-based Safari web browser. This demonstrates PeopleSoft's continued commitment to open source software and provides choice for customers. The Safari browser delivers the fastest web browser performance in the Mac OS X environment and once certified will enable PeopleSoft users to be more productive. Users of PeopleSoft applications will be able to take advantage of unique features of Apple's Safari including SnapBack navigation that enables a user to step back through a transaction with a single click rather than many. The new tabbed browsing feature will enable users to access multiple PeopleSoft application pages in a single window, which is important in multi-lingual call centers where...
May 06
GraphPro v1.5 for REALbasic Projects
(May 6, 2003) -- MacSOS announced today the release of GraphPro v1.5. GraphPro makes it easy to add graphing to your REALbasic projects. New Features in v1.5 include support for Pie, Cartesian and Column graph modes. This product is made with REALbasic and compiles under RB 4.5.x and greater. The source code for the GraphPro classes is available for $75 USD. Simply purchase a license from kagi and the complete code will be e-mailed directly to you. One year of maintenance is included in the price. Win32 and MacOS demo applications are available for download. 1.5 is a free upgrade for all previously registered GraphPro users. For more information, please visit
May 06
iClip 2, a multi-clipboard/scrapbook utility for Mac OS X
Inventive, Inc. announces the release of iClip 2, a multi-clipboard/ scrapbook utility for Mac OS X. iClip is a utility that helps you get past the limitations of having a single Clipboard. It allows you to quickly copy & paste and drag & drop clippings to and from its multiple "clipping bins" so that you can easily access them in the applications you're using. The clippings can be of various types such as text, pictures, Internet locations, sounds, and more. Clippings can be organized into unlimited groups called "clipping sets" to help you keep all of your clippings neatly arranged. Since the Scrapbook application that was in older Mac OS versions isn't a part of Mac OS X, iClip can conveniently serve as a replacement for it. What's new in version 2.0: - ability to organize clippings into groups called "clipping sets" - improved support of clippings from Adobe Illustrator and other vector graphics editing applications - updated Copy and Paste button icons make it...
May 06
SubRosaSoft Ships version 2.0 of Volume 1 - File Utilities
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SubRosaSoft Ships version 2.0 of Volume 1 - File Utilities - Upgrade for Privacy Utility Includes Text Encryption and Free Space Shredding Features, Apple Keychain support and Streamlined User Interface - Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, (May 7th, 2003)--- Ltd., a company based in New Zealand focused in privacy and disk utility software, today announced the immediate availability of ( )SubRosa Volume 1-File Utilities 2.0. The new version features two new privacy utilities in addition to the improvements made on the existing applications. SubRosaSoft Volume 1 ö File Utilitiesú now comes with five easy-to-use security utilities. SubRosaSoft Encryptor allows a user to take files and folders and encrypt them into a secure format. SubRosaSoft Shredder securely erases files or folders from your computer and SubRosaSoft Decryptor is used to convert files made by Encryptor back into their original...
May 06
iSkin ProTouch
Protect your Apple Pro Keyboard with the iSkin ProTouch TORONTO, Canada--May 6, 2003-- ackNOWLEDGE today announced the iSkin ProTouch. A new and innovative way to protect your Apple computer's keyboard against damage. The iSkin ProTouch is a durable, made-to-fit silicone skin that sits above the Apple Pro Keyboard protecting it against dust, dirt, finger oils and spills that lead to wear, damage or malfunction. Unlike other keyboard protectors, the iSkin ProTouch is made of soft, flexible high-grade silicone. It s custom molded to fit the contours of the Apple Pro Keyboard's keys, allowing users to type freely without ever having to remove the protector. The ProTouch is easy to apply and can be removed and washed if dirt buildup occurs. The iSkin ProTouch is designed for users who want to protect their investment without sacrificing the look and feel of their Apple product. When placed on the Apple Pro Keyboard, the iSkin ProTouch's grips to each key and creates a comfortable and...
May 06
Missing Sync for Palm OS. Enhanced Mac OS X Support
*** FOR RELEASE 6 MAY 2003 *** Mark/Space, Inc. Announces Missing Sync for Palm - Enhanced Mac OS X Support for Palm OS Handhelds ( 6 MAY 2003, PALMSOURCE DEVELOPER SEMINAR, SAN MATEO, CA, - Mark/Space, Inc., makers of Mac OS, Palm OS, and Pocket PC software proudly announces The Missing Sync for Palm OS. Macintosh users can now mount the SD or MMC card loaded in the handheld on the Mac OS X desktop to move files, backup data, and more. The Missing Sync also gives Mac users something Windows users don't have - integrated support for photos and music. Import and Export images to your handheld from within iPhoto. View your pictures with SplashPhoto by SplashData - included with purchase. Treat your Palm OS handheld as a source in iTunes. Load your SD or MMC card with songs, then listen to them on your Tungsten T with AeroPlayer by Aerodrome Software - included with purchase! The Missing Sync for Palm OS Includes: - Desktop Mounting - Mount your SD/MMC card on...
May 05
Matrix Plug-In for REALbasic 5
Matrix Plug-In for REALbasic 5 allows developers to construct programs which, because of operator and function overloading, can handle real matrices much like doubles and integers are handled. Matrix elements are doubles. A matrix can be entered in standard form in a MultiLine EditField and read in by a single instruction. Included with the product are two REALbasic projects, one used for testing while the other illustrates the ease of constructing a program which solves a set of linear equations. As a Carbon, PPC, and x86 plug-in, it can be used to build Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.x, or Windows applications. Matrix Plug-In was programmed in C++ and compiled with CodeWarrior 8.3. Freeware. Download page:
May 05
Freak Software Releases 6 Examples For REALbasic 5
FREAK SOFTWARE RELEASES 6 EXAMPLES FOR REALBASIC 5 Send Email, Read Email, Download Files, Display Images from the Internet and More! Orange, California (May 5, 2003) -- Freak Software is pleased to announce the availability of 5 socket examples and one example that demonstrates the use of the new ToolbarItem classes and Drawer window in REAL Software, Inc.'s REALbasic version 5. The examples are some of the beginning of a large series which will be continually released over the coming weeks. "These examples are meant to guide users new to REALbasic 5 towards understanding and using the product's latest features," said Seth Willits, President and Head Developer of Freak Software. The current examples include: Socket Examples: * Download Display Image - Uses an HTTPSocket to download an image to display in a canvas. * Download to FolderItem - Uses an HTTPSocket to download any file to a local file. * Download to REALbasic - Uses an HTTPSocket to download any file...
May 01
Open Source Cocoa graphing view framework released
Subject: Open Source Cocoa graphing view framework released Hi, Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC has released an open source graphing view framework for Cocoa development on MacOS X. The SM2DGraphView framework is available at ( This framework provides an NSView subclass which draws a graph of lines and/or bars including axis labels. The SM2DGraphView class acts very much like an NSTableView or NSBrowser; SM2DGraphView takes responsibility for all of the drawing code but relies on a data source object to provide the specific lines and points to draw. A delegate object can also be assigned to a graph object to modify the behavior of the graph view. The SM2DGraphView framework is a very easy to use graph view that should work admirably for the average non-scientific application. The SM2DGraphView class is not thread safe; it is not coded for high performance drawing. If you need to draw lines with millions of data points, you should look for other...
May 01
B&b Extends FileMaker
B&b Extends FileMaker B&b Software are pleased to announce the release of their suite of three Macintosh applications that complement and extend the popular database application FileMaker Pro. The three applications, all of which are Made with REALbasic, are - * fmMailmerge, a personal bulk mailer that supports the merging of data from FileMaker Pro databases with user defined template letters generating output messages that may then be sent via email or fax. An invaluable tool for anyone with a database of contacts; whether they be business contacts, family or friends. The applications main features are - * Supports email clients Eudora, Outlook Express, Entourage, Powermail and Mailsmith * Supports the fax application FAXstf 6 * Sends either plain or HTML messages * Messages may exceed 32k * Output messages may include embedded graphics. (embedded as part of the template letter or merged from a database) * Supports...
Apr 30
Now Software Announces Mac OS X Address Book Compatibility
Now Software Announces Mac OS X Address Book Compatibility For Now Up-to-Date & Contact Users Gain Mac OS X Mail and Bluetooth Compatibility; Enables One Button Import/Export of Business and Personal Contact Information COLUMBUS, OHIO - April 30, 2003- Now Software, makers of the #1 best selling calendar and contact manager, Now Up-to-Date & Contact, today announced new integration with Apple's Mac OS X Address Book. Address Book integration is available as a free standalone sync application for users of Now Up-to-Date & Contact Version 4.1 and higher. The Address Book Sync application enables users to synchronize their contact files between Now Contact and Apple's Address Book, making the process of maintaining business and personal information more convenient than ever. The Address Book Sync application provides significant flexibility, allowing users to select the direction of import/export, the categories of contacts to be synced, and the categories into which new...
Apr 30
Griffin Announces Powerpod Auto Charger Compatible With New iPods
For Immediate Release: GRIFFIN ANNOUNCES POWERPOD AUTO CHARGER COMPATIBLE WITH NEW iPODS PowerPod Charger Is Half The Cost Of Competing Charger And Is Shipping Now NASHVILLE, TN - April 30, 2003. Griffin Technology Inc, innovator of exciting hardware and software products for the Mac and PC market, today announced that the PowerPod iPod Auto Charger is fully compatible with the just announced new Apple iPods in addition to the original iPod models with FireWire ports on top. Priced at $19.99, the Griffin PowerPod is nearly half the cost of the only other compatible charger available today. It comes with a stand-alone charger module and a separate high quality FireWire cable for use with the original iPods. The only iPod auto charger compatible with all iPods is available immediately at "We originally designed the PowerPod with a separate cable and module to give our customers the flexibility to use any FireWire cable they wanted. Turns out our iPod...
Apr 30
Yellow Dog Linux version 3.0
We are now shipping Yellow Dog Linux version 3.0, a new generation of Linux for the PowerPC architecture. Yellow Dog Linux v3.0 features a friendly and powerful graphical installer built from Red Hat's 'Anaconda', an integrated KDE 3.1 and Gnome 2.2 desktop environment, the gcc 3.2.2 compiler, improved support for ATI and NVidia graphics cards, 3 Install and 3 Source CDs. Yellow Dog Linux v3.0 is now available from Terra Soft as a complete box set with 6 CDs, printed Companion to Installation, the completely revised "Getting Started with Yellow Dog Linux, Second Edition" book, 60-day installation support, and a t-shirt; and for those experienced with the installation and use of Yellow Dog Linux, the Geek Edition offers all 6 CDs without printed guide, book, or support at a reduced cost. The box set and Geek Edition are available from Terra Soft's online Store at The revised "Getting Started" book is for those new to Linux or trying Linux on a...
Apr 30
Folder Manager X
FOLDER MANAGER X ANNOUNCED Folder Manager X Aids Users In Batch Creating, Renaming, Archiving Folders and Folder Items Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - April 30th, 2003 - Automated Workflows announced today that "Folder Manager X" is now available. "Folder Manager X" is an AppleScript-based application that can be used to batch process folders, performing common repetitive tasks. Complete with an easy-to-navigate interface, this solution allows users to automatically build folders, hundreds at a time, using a specified naming convention. The solution also has the ability to build nested sub-folders in each folder that it creates, if desired. In addition to building folders, "Folder Manager X" can also be used to rename folder items by adding or removing prefixes and suffixes. The solution can also be used to delete or archive folder items older than a specified number of days. For additional information about "Folder Manager X", visit Automated Workflows' web site (www.automatedworkflows....
Apr 29
PostView: An Advanced Document And Image Viewer
Berlin and Prague - April 29th 2003 metaobject and OCSoftware release PostView, an advanced document and image viewer. Designed from the ground up as a slim, efficient viewer and not as a marketing tool or afterthought, PostView provides elegance that makes document previewing, online reading and searching a a pleasure. PostView's creators were sufficiently unhappy with the current document viewing options that they decided to create an alternative. PostView is the result, and comes with these powerful features: * View PDF, Postscript, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF and a wide variety of other image formats * View facing pages * Easily set a convenient viewing size * Navigate via PDF outline * Search for and copy text from PDF and Postscript files * Print EPS/Postscript files on non-Postscript Mac OS X printers * View paper boundaries overlayed on document PostView is a fully native Cocoa application that uses the Embeddable Graphic Object System (EGOS) to provide advanced Postscript and...
Apr 29
J2SEditor: Professional IPTC Picture Editing
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE J2SEditor: Professional IPTC Picture Editing. J2S announces the availability of version 1.1 of its J2SEditor, an IPTC caption editor with file management capabilities running on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. Developed in cooperation with the Gamma Press Agency, J2SEditor is a programme designed to edit picture documents. Its image browser and its copy/move/delete features make it easy to organize files, Its IPTC caption editing module lets you edit textual meta-data of graphics files separately or in batch without affecting the documents (e.g. the caption of a JPEG file can be updated without recompression of the document). The list of ITPC fields to edit as well as default values or other input controls are defined and stored in description profiles which can be adapted to each user with our J2SProfiler. Amongst other features, J2SEditor provides a toolbar e.g. for quick access to applications, folders or other tools so that J2SEditor can easily fit in a document...
Apr 29
Norpath Elements Studio 2.0
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Norpath Releases New Authoring Software for Rapid Creation of Rich-Media Solutions and Learning Applications Norpath Elements Studio 2.0 now available for Windows and Mac OS X. Toronto, Ontario -- April 29, 2003 -- Norpath Inc., today announced the immediate availability of Norpath Elements Studio 2.0, the latest version of its professional authoring software for building a wide range of interactive multimedia applications and computer-based training solutions including courseware, tutorials, presentations, catalogs, manuals, interactive user guides, kiosks, simulations, and self-paced seminars. Norpath Elements Studio's graphical authoring environment allows new and experienced designers to create powerful interactive applications without writing code or learning a scripting language. Norpath Elements Studio 2.0 features a new multi-platform builder that allows designers to create their application once and quickly generate standalone applications for deployment...
Apr 29
Circus Ponies NoteBook, Educational Users
Circus Ponies Software Launches Academic User Licensing Program NoteBook Now Available to Education Customers for $29.95 SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 29, 2003 - Circus Ponies Software, Inc. today announced its academic user licensing program for Circus Ponies NoteBook, its acclaimed outlining, note-taking, clipping, and free-form database product available exclusively for Mac OS X. Qualified North American and international academic customers can now purchase a single-user license to NoteBook for immediate download and use through the Circus Ponies online store ( The cost of an academic user license is $29.95 (U.S.) per user. A free, 30-day trial version is also available. "We're excited about the enthusiastic reception we've gotten from the academic community and we wanted to do everything we could to help them get started," said Elizabeth Statmore, vice president of marketing and sales for Circus Ponies. "Most academic discount programs force their customers...
Apr 29
4D For Dreamweaver MX Plug-in Now Available
4D For Dreamweaver MX Plug-in Now Available --Free Cross-platform Plugin Adds 4D Tags to Sites Designed in Dreamweaver MX-- SAN JOSE, Calif., April 29, 2003 -- 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today announced 4D for Dreamweaver MX, an extension plug-in for Dreamweaver MX(tm) that inserts 4D tags into web sites designed in Dreamweaver MX. Engineered to provide rapid deployment of sites designed in Dreamweaver MX, 4D for Dreamweaver MX provides a GUI interface that allows designers to quickly and easily generate technically accurate 4D tags. The 4D for Dreamweaver MX plugin is available today free from ( "Using a simple GUI interface, 4D for Dreamweaver MX instantly adds the technologically exact 4D tags to sites designed in Dreamweaver MX," said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc. "Now designers using Dreamweaver MX can simply drag-and-drop icons, or point-and-click to incorporate the...
Apr 29
Dr. Bott announces AMP Interface for iPod
Wilsonville, OR - April 30, 2003 Dr. Bott announces AMP Interface for iPod. Dr. Bott announces AMP Interface for iPod. AMP Interface allows owners of the Burton Amp Jacket to use their new third generation iPod (with dock connector) with the integrated SOFTswitch technology. AMP Interface relpaces the interface of the jacket with one that incorporates the remote connector and headphone jack of the new iPod. Compatibility: AMP Interface for 3rd generation iPod is compatible with the new 10GB (M8976LL/A ), 15GB (M8946LL/A) and 20GB (M8948LL/A ) iPods that have the dock connector. Pricing & Availability: AMP Interface retails for $24.95 and will be available in May. About Dr. Bott LLC: Dr. Bott LLC of Wilsonville, Oregon is a manufacturer and distributor of Macintosh peripherals dedicated to serving resellers, VARs, and consultants with third party Macintosh products that solve real problems for real people.
Apr 29
PowerEasy And Sybase Launch Erp Package For Apple Xserve
POWEREASY AND SYBASE LAUNCH ERP PACKAGE FOR APPLE XSERVE, POWERED BY SYBASE ASE PowerEasy e-Commerce, Logistics and Financials Delivers Enterprise-Class Power for Small and Medium Businesses SYNOPSIS: PowerEasy Corporation and Sybase, Inc., introduce PowerEasy ERP for Apple Xserve, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application powered by Sybase=A8 Adaptive Server=A8 Enterprise (ASE). PowerEasy ERP for Apple Xserve is specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses that require enterprise-class power and ease-of-use. The solution is priced twenty percent less than comparable solutions. PowerEasy and Sybase are committed to helping transform enterprise data into economic value through technologies that get the right information to the right people at the right time. SAN JOSE and DUBLIN, Calif. - April 29, 2003 - PowerEasy Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise application software, and Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), a leading enterprise infrastructure and...
Apr 29
Bluestream Releases XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 Native XML Database
Bluestream Releases XStreamDB 3.0 Native XML Database Major upgrade adds features for collaborative content management Vancouver, Canada -- April 29, 2003 -- /Software Wire/ -- Bluestream, a leading provider of XML data solutions for content management and e-business integration, releases a major upgrade to its native XML database. Available immediately, XStreamDB(tm) Version 3.0 adds features designed to help developers and integrators deploy solutions for collaborative content management with XML and binary data. XStreamDB(tm) 3.0's new resource manager enables integration with authoring and publishing software for complete lightweight content management solutions for publishing to Web or print. Bluestream adds support for Corel(r) XMetaL(r) for XML content authoring using XMetaL(r)'s word processor-like view on content. XStreamDB(tm) 3.0 improves support Altova XMLSpy(r) for editing data-centric XML documents. New features include: shared resource management with URIs, resource...
Apr 28
Recursion's C++ (Toolkits) Now Available for Mac OS X
For more information contact: John Patoskie Recursion Software, Inc. ( FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RECURSION'S C++ (TOOLKITS) CERTIFIED ON VXWORKS REAL-TIME OPERATING SYSTEM Expanded platform support and robust code increases developer options in working with embedded systems. DALLAS, TX (April 28, 2003) ^ Recursion Software, Inc., a global provider of software development solutions, announced today the expanded support of C++ (ToolKits)' 3.0 to include certification on the Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND) VxWorks(R) real-time operating system (RTOS), a major enhancement of its already extensive feature design. The latest C++ release is the most powerful and flexible library to date. By supporting the Standards (ToolKit), Foundations (ToolKit), and Web (ToolKit) for the VxWorks RTOS, we enable our customers to utilize our classes on real-time, embedded systems, leveraging the portability of the C++ (ToolKits) into the embedded market...
Apr 28
iView Launches iView Media
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE iView Launches iView Media Quickest, Easiest Way to Manage, Share and Save Your Photos . . . and Your Videos, Graphics and Music - Available Now for both Windows and Mac-based Computers LONDON, April 28, 2003 - iView Multimedia (iView) today announced the immediate availability of iView Media for Windows- and Mac-based computers. Designed for a consumer audience, iView Media is based on the company's award-winning iView MediaPro, which is widely used by photographers, graphic designers, and other media professionals. iView Media is easy to use and powerful. It allows users to manage, share and protect their whole inventory of digital media - including photos, graphics, video and music clips. According to InfoTrends Research Group, low end, sub-$1,000 digital cameras worldwide will reach 51 million units in 2007. In-Stat/MDR predicts that worldwide portable digital music players will grow to over 36 million. And by the end of 2003, DVDs will be in more than half...
Apr 28
REALbasic 5.1 for Macintosh
REAL SOFTWARE RELEASES REALbasic 5.1 for Macintosh Dramatic Performance Improvements Slash Compile Times for Large Applications AUSTIN, Texas (April 28, 2003) - REAL Software, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of REALbasic 5.1 for Macintosh, a free update available to all existing REALbasic 5 customers. "The objective behind this release of REALbasic is to provide substantial performance improvements to our loyal REALbasic customers," said Geoff Perlman, president and CEO of REAL Software. "This update dramatically reduces the time it takes the compiler to build a large application." REALbasic 5.1 for Macintosh includes a number of additional enhancements that improve product reliability and performance, and are listed in the release notes shipped with the product. REALbasic 5 customers can download the update for free at REALbasic 5.1 for Macintosh is available now starting at US$99.95 direct from REAL Software or through...

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