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To get a copy of the presentation slides from the presenters, here are the links to each presentation slide deck.

  • Deconstructing iCloud: What a Tech Must Know
    by Ross Mondschain, Download Slides PDF
  • Caching servers, DNS Tricks, and More
    by Chris Tarnowieckyi, Download Slides PDF
  • Time Machine Deep Dive, Backup Strategy
    by JD Strong, Download Slides PDF
  • VPP, DEP, and Under 13: How New Apple ID Req
    by Randy Saeks, Download Slides PDF
  • Using OS Resources to Diagnose Troubles
    by Gretchen Kuwahara, Download Slides PDF
  • Security, Viruses and Malware. It’s real. It’s now.
    by Robert Hammen, Download Slides PDF
  • Productivity Tools: Best Practices in Microsoft Offices
    by Bobby Toledo, Download Slides PDF
  • Managing Your Clients, Optimize Revenue.
    by Ryan Grimes, Download Slides PDF
  • The Professional Apple Tech’s Toolbox
    by Allen Hancock, Download Slides PDF
  • Also, Thank you to our Sessions Chairs Kim Manitt and Chuck Edwards for making MacTech Pro New York 2015 an awesome event!

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