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Sony to launch online music service

Sony has said that it plans to launch a new online music service with about 500,000 songs this spring, reports Reuters. The new service, dubbed “Connect,” will only work with Sony’s own portable music players initially, but the company says that software will be released later this year that will allow owners of other devices to use the service. In addition, Sony unveiled a new high-capacity version of its Mini-Disc and players (Hi-MD) that will allow users to store up to 45 hours of music on a 1GB disc.

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Sony to launch Internet music service next spring

Sony is planning to launch an Internet music service in the United States and Europe next spring, according to a Dow Jones report. A company spokesperson said that the service would be compatible with Windows-based computers, but no mention was made of Macintosh support. The service will give access to all of Sony’s music catalog and the company is in talks with five other labels to include their offerings. Howard Stringer, chairman and chief executive of the company’s U.S.

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