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New product announcements from Sonnet

Sonnet Technologies announced several new products at Macworld Expo in San Francisco today. The Fusion R400Q is the latest addition to its line of Serial ATA drive enclosures. This 13.5″ deep, 4-bay rack mount drive enclosure provides four interface choices — FireWire 400, FireWire 800, USB 2.0, or for ultimate performance, SATA II. An integrated port multiplier supports up to four hard drives through any of the connections. Fusion R400Q includes drive mounting hardware for each of its four included drive trays, and a cable for each interface.

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Sonnet intros Tempo-X SATA PCI-X host controller card

Sonnet Technologies today announced the new Tempo-X SATA 4+4 8-port Serial ATA PCI-X host controller, the latest addition to the Sonnet Tempo line of products. This new adapter features four internal plus four external Serial ATA ports, giving users flexibility in connecting eight Serial ATA hard drives. It utilizes the PCI-X interface to take advantage of the enhanced performance offered in Power Mac G5 computers, while retaining compatibility in standard PCI slots.

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Sonnet announces improved Piccolo flash drives

Sonnet Technologies today announced price cuts and improved performance on its Piccolo line of USB flash drives. Piccolo is now USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compatible (backward compatible with USB 1.1), offering faster data transfer rates with a USB 2.0 port-equipped computers. The Piccolo 256MB is now priced at US$49.95 (was $99.95), while the Piccolo 512MB is now priced at $99.95 (was $179.95).

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Sonnet announces Allegro USB 2.0 PCI adapter card

Sonnet Technologies today announced the Allegro USB 2.0 PCI adapter card. It features one internal and four external USB 2.0 ports, supports data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbits/s, and is backward-compatible with all USB 1.1 devices. The Allegro works with Mac OS 8.6 through OS X (10.2.8 or higher) and the Power Mac G3 Blue & White, Power Mac G4 (except Cube) and Power Mac G5. The card is priced at US$29.95 and will be available on Aug. 16. Read More

Sonnet announces upgrade price reductions

Sonnet Technologies today announced price reductions on eight of its top-selling CPU upgrades for Beige G3, Blue & White, and most G4 Macintosh models. Effective today, the Encore/ZIF 500 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 1.0 GHz upgrades, along with the Encore/ST G4 800MHz, 1.0 GHz and 1.2 GHz, will be available for up to US$100 below their previous price points.

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Sonnet announces Sonata SD PCI graphics card

Sonnet Technologies has announced the new Sonata SD PCI graphics card. Designed specifically to drive a second (or third) display, the new card is compatible with virtually all Macs with PCI slots, and almost every analog monitor (VGA). It works with Mac OS X and offers a unique Screen Doubler feature for users of System 7.5.3 through Mac OS 9.2.2. “This is a panning mode feature that provides a virtual desktop up to four times larger than the display connected to the Sonata SD card,” explains Sonnet.

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Sonnet offers ‘Make Your Old Mac Smile’ promo

Sonnet Technologies is currently offering a “Make Your Old Mac Smile” rebate promotion on various Sonnet peripherals and upgrades when purchased with one or more new Macs between May 10 and June 30, 2004. Customers become eligible for this mail-in rebate when they purchase a new Mac and selected Sonnet peripherals and/or upgrades, all on the same invoice. The rebates range from US$5 to $25, with a maximum redemption of $205. Most of Sonnet’s CPU upgrades and peripherals are included in the rebate.

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Sonnet cuts prices on 1GHz G4 upgrade, USB drives

Sonnet Technologies has dropped pricing by US$30 on the Encore/ST 1GHz upgrade for the Power Mac G4, and by as much as $30 on its entire line of Piccolo USB flash drives. The 1GHz Encore/ST G4 now sells for $299.95 and is compatible with the following Power Mac G4 models: AGP Graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, and QuickSilver 2001. The Piccolo line of USB flash drives are now priced at $69.95 (128MB), $99.95 (256MB) and $179.95 (512MB).

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Sonnet ships Encore/ZIF G4 800MHz, 1.0GHz upgrades

Sonnet Technologies is now shipping its Encore/ZIF G4 800MHz and 1.0GHz processor upgrades compatible with the G3 “Blue & White” and G4 “PCI Graphics” Power Macs. These upgrades offer compatibility with Apple’s Beige G3 Power Mac models as well. The new Encore models, which sell for US$349.95, utilize the 745X series of Motorola G4 processors, and sport 256K L2 and 1MB of SDR L3 cache.

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Sonnet announces new Tempo Serial ATA Cable Kits

Sonnet Technologies today announced the new Tempo Serial ATA Cable Kits, which are designed to be used with the company’s Tempo Serial ATA PCI Adapter cards, as well as nearly any SATA PCI controller card. Each cable kit includes one 22” Serial TA data cable with one right angle connector, one Y-power splitter (legacy 4-pin connectors), two serial ATA power cables, and eight drive mounting screws. The Tempo Serial ATA Cable Kit is available now for a suggested retail price of US$29.95. Read More