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Reporter’s Notebook: Closing thoughts on Macworld Boston

– Macworld Boston 2004 is over. And, as luck would have it, the sun came out yesterday afternoon after the rain drizzled down all week long. But that’s okay. I was able to roam about the city yesterday evening, including dropping by the Apple Store in the Cambridge Galleria center. I had hoped to get my hands on an AirPort Express. I had no luck, I had rail problems, but, again, it all worked out just fine as I had some interesting conversations with some nice Bostonians. Read More

Reporter’s Notebook: user groups, tornados and protestors

– The rain just keeps on trickling down, which crimps my usual style of hoofing it around a city I’m visiting. I’m in Boston for the Macworld Conference & Expo, and I’ll have to use a cab if I wish to go anywhere. Bummer. Still, I’ve had a good time despite this and despite a potential threat back at home. Thank goodness for user groups and interesting sessions.

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Reporter’s Notebook: Rain, parties and Ukrainian vodka

– It’s rainy and dreary here in Boston. The sky’s overcast and it drizzles constantly. But the atmosphere inside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was surprisingly upbeat yesterday. Despite Apple’s absence, the crowd was mostly upbeat and the vendors (there are about 75 present) with whom I spoke almost all said that floor traffic was better than they had expected considering all the gloom-and-doom buzz that preceded the expo. Heck, IDG has already announced a date for Macworld Boston 2005: July 18-25.

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Reporter’s Notebook: A dreary start to Macworld

– As I dropped by the new, US$800 million Boston Convention Center late Monday afternoon, I was struck by the lack of “signage” proclaiming the event. There were a few Macworld Conference & Expo banners, but that was all (at least at the north entrance). It was a surprising, and a bit disturbing, sight after the humongous banners that usually drape the convention centers that are home to the expos.

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Reporter’s Notebook: Lost in the Windy City

– Sometimes colossal blunders get made –- and they usually involve Yours Truly and traveling. The person who booked my flight to Chicago for the Mac Design Conference only made one tiny mistake. They flew me into Midway Airport in Chicago –- but the Mac Design Convention is at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, which is all the way across the Windy City near O’Hare Airport. Of course, much of the blame has to fall on me, as I never noticed the snafu on my itinerary.

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Reporter’s Notebook: Final thoughts on MWSF – and Boston

– Today winds up Macworld San Francisco 2004. Although I’ve not heard the final headcount of attendees, the thing that has impressed me about the show is that the Moscone Center has seen a steady flow of traffic on Wednesday and Thursday (I’m not sure about today’s attendance as I’m obviously writing this before the doors open on Friday.)

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Reporter’s Notebook: Mini iPod prices and Mac BU’s timeline

– The new iPod Minis are certainly cool, but the constant refrain I’m hearing around the Moscone Center is that they’re just too expensive. Unless size is crucial, almost everyone with whom I’m spoken asked why they would pay $249 for a 4GB iPod when they can get a 15GB version for only $50 more. Apple’s position, according to an article in yesterday’s USA Today, is that the Mini’s expensive components make it “tough” to sell for less than $249. That’s Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ take.

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Reporter’s Notebook: Keynote Observations

– The long-awaited keynote yesterday was one that revolved mainly around music –- and Apple CEO Steve Jobs jammin’ with popular singer-songwriter-guitarist John Mayer… well, who could’ve known? Fueled by a large cup of mocha and a blueberry muffin, and dressed for speed in my old Nike running shoes, I was at the Moscone Center shortly after 7:00 a.m., to get in line for Steve Jobs’ speech. The press line itself was a cattle call, and the “general admission” line was… well, endless.

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Reporter’s Notebook: People, Lions and the Sunflower Cafe

– Gosh, I love covering Macworld expos. I’m in my element, though time loses all meaning. The days are longer than the wait between episodes of “24,” but the week, in retrospect, will doubtless seem shorter than a Britney Spears marriage. I’m penning this before Steve Jobs’ keynote, when things will really kick into high gear. But I already know that this is going to be a verrrry exciting year for Mac users, based on a plethora of interviews I had yesterday. Keep reading; you’ll read all about ’em here on MacMinute, of course.

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