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Panic and The Iconfactory release Pixadex 1.5.4

The Iconfactory and Panic today released Pixadex 1.5.4, an update to the popular icon organizational tool for Mac OS X. The new version offers a “significant” speed increase when loading large collections and also uses greatly reduced memory. In addition, the utility now features Japanese localization, as well as bug fixes and interface tweaks. Pixadex is priced at US$18.95.

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Pixadex 1.5 offers new icon features

Panic and The Iconfactory today released Pixadex 1.5, a new version of their icon organization tool for Mac OS X. This free update offers over 25 new features and improvements, including the ability to arrange icons in collections manually or via attributes; user specified locations for Pixadex’s icon library; the ability to import, store, search and re-export any Windows-based .ico icon files; and the option to customize individual volume (HD) icons. Pixadex sells for US$18.95. Read More

Pixadex icon organization tool debuts

Panic and the Iconfactory today introduced Pixadex, a new application that lets you import, organize and search large numbers of icons easily. This “iPhoto for icons” offers the ability to import standard Mac icons, iContainers and older IconDropper Packs; search against a variety of info including filename, author, copyright and keywords; and specify any icon to work with CandyBar.

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Iconfactory, Panic team for Pixadex

The Iconfactory has posted information on Pixadex, a new program “that does for icons what iPhoto did for images.” Pixadex is currently being completed in conjuntion with the folks at Panic, makers of Transmit and Audion. “Expect Pixadex to change the way you download and organize icons in Mac OS X. Expect it to offer some incredible, time-saving features. Expect it to have a clean, easy-to-use interface.

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